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Good morning!
We’re all feeling refreshed after a great night’s sleep - well done to all the Year 4s on a super effort last night! The children are having some breakfast now, and then we have some time to tidy rooms before inspection - photos to follow! 

We have an action-packed day today with some orienteering, outdoor art and an ‘Amazon Adventure’ on the cards. We’re splitting into two different activity groups but we will try to get photos of everyone up today as best we can.

A bit of rain won’t stop us!


Learning how to use a compass for orienteering!


After a fairly wet morning session, the children are warming up with some delicious lunch. We’ve heard loads of positive comments about the orienteering, the Amazon Adventure and the nature art. An extra well done to Ed, Theo and Darsh who won the orienteering competition!

Mrs Whitwham has snapped some photos of her group too so we will get them up asap.

Rainy Orienteering!

Outdoor Art!

Amazon Adventure!


The sun is out ahead of our afternoon sessions! Photos to come this afternoon 😁


We’ve had a lovely afternoon! Mr O’Dowd’s group did the Amazon Adventure and Nature Art, while Mrs Whitwham’s group took on Earthquake!

Some children have also been chosen to be bird and weather experts for the week, and get to wear special badges!


The children are having a bit of free time on the adventure playground, or chilling out in the dorm rooms before team challenges and dinner this evening.

Outdoor Art!

Amazon Adventure!

Our Bird and Weather Experts for the week!



After a delicious dinner, we’ve moved into the classrooms for some observational sketching!
The children are practising this art skill by making accurate sketches of stuffed examples of the creatures here at Stubbington.


This evening we have a wildlife photographer coming to show us some photos he has taken over the last 30 years in and around the site - very exciting!


We’ve come back from a wonderful photography show from Dennis Bright - the wildlife photographer where we saw all sorts of badgers, robins, foxes, field mice and much more! 

The children have had a nice drink and a biscuit for supper, and they’re getting ready for bedtime. We have some very tired looking faces after a busy day, so hopefully we can all drift off to sleep nice and quickly! 

Another action-packed day awaits us tomorrow, so make sure to keep an eye out for photos!