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Sports Premium

 Otterbourne Church of England Primary School




2020 Review


During 2020-2021, our Sports Premium Funding of £18,302 was used for:


Specialist sports provision and CDP for teachers by R&R Sport. R&R deliver weekly outside Games lessons (Hockey, Rugby, Netball/Basketball, Tennis/Cricket, Football, Cricket, Athletics and Multi-sports) to Y1-6. (SPF meets 86% of total cost)


Sports co-ordinator responsible for developing a wide range of extra-curricular sporting opportunities and increasing competition within school


Playtime equipment to encourage active and engaging play


Astroturf in Year R play area (part-payment).





The Year Ahead – our curriculum aims

Our intention from September 2021 is that curriculum and extra-curriculum sporting activities will be fully resumed and this report is based on those expectations. However, please be aware that depending on government guidelines changes may have to be made.


At Otterbourne, our values of Trust, Respect and Determination continue to be upheld in all the various sporting opportunities that our children experience. Regardless of where these opportunities arise be it in a house competition, playing a match against another school, a weekly PE lesson or a County Final we are proud to encourage and see these values on show.


As a school we believe that physical activity is essential to the development of the whole child. Sport and physical activity promotes character building, co-operation/team skills and increases confidence and self-esteem which in turn has a positive influence in the classroom. Our aim is to provide a broad and balanced physical education curriculum, which is progressive, inclusive, stimulating and challenging for children of all ages and abilities.


The Secretary of State for Education pays a Primary PE and Sport Premium to schools across the UK to fund additional and sustainable improvements to the provision of PE and sport. Funding for schools is awarded based on the primary-aged pupils on roll.  For the period 2021-2022 we have allocated our in-year Sports Premium Funding of £7,650 in the following way**:


Specialist sports provision and professional development for teachers by R&R Sport. R&R have resumed weekly outside games sessions (hockey, rugby, netball, basketball, tennis, cricket and multi-skills) for Y1/2 & Y3/4.



Miscellaneous sports equipment including refreshing the nets for team sports.


Sports Co-ordinator who is responsible for developing a wide range of extra-curricular sporting opportunities within and out of the school.





* Annual Sports Premium income to be confirmed at budget review in November

** Other spending options, allowing for further funding, include: transport for sports events and travel to swimming, extra-kits for sporting events, Astroturf for KS2 play areas, markings for KS2 playground.


Clubs and attendance:  In the Autumn Term R&R will run 2 after-school multi-sport clubs.  In addition to P.E. c n by school staff. In addition, prior to any local competitions approaching extra practices will be organised for lunchtime or after school curriculum provision.  The school is also intending to run 3 after-school clubs in the Autumn Term for Y1/2, Y3/4 and Y5/6 in netball, hockey and tag rugby. These clubs will be free of charge and run by school staff. In addition, prior to any local competitions approaching extra practices will be organised for lunchtime or after school.


Participation in lunchtime sports:  Previously we have seen a 60% average participation in lunchtime sport and expect this to be reached if not exceeded.  In the Autumn Term the Play Leaders will organise different sports each lunchtime on the Church Playground.


Average Participation in weekly free or paid extra-curricular sport or activity:  Our clubs are always over-subscribed and we expect the same again this year and this is the reason for 3 after-school clubs each week although we have the provision to run a 4th club if numbers show a requirement.


House Events:  Our Y6 House Captains (supported by the Sport Co-ordinator) will run regular house events within all year groups. There will be at least 2 house events per half term and these will take place within the school day – either at lunchtime or during a timetabled P.E. slot.


Competitions:  Our School Games Organisers have produced a draft timetable for the next academic year. This includes both real-time and virtual events and covers a wide variety of sports. We will aim to attend as near to 100% of these competitions as is possible.


Curriculum Swimming

97% of the 2021 Year 6 cohort could swim proficiently to at least 25 metres

88% could use a range of strokes effectively

88% could perform safe self-rescue in different water-based situations


Impact Statement:  We received the Platinum Games Mark in 2019 for consistently high participation and achievement in the School Games and furthermore were awarded Primary Sports School of the year in the Winchester Sports Awards. This was in recognition of not only achievement but also participation.  Being able to offer all of our children the chance to represent the school in a sporting capacity is of paramount importance to us. We have retained our Platinum Award as a result of completing a self-analysis for the previous year. 


Four years ago we took over 60 children to the Hampshire Games and three years ago we took 28 children.  The Games have been cancelled for the last 2 years and our aim is that we compete in the local SGO Competitions with an ultimate view of qualifying as many children as possible for the Hampshire Games 2022. 


The impact of bringing a qualified coach into school has enabled teachers to positively approach the teaching of a differentiated, skills-based approach to sports which is guaranteed to help develop children of all abilities in the future.