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Weekly Highlights 2021/2022

Exploring the plants and trees of Otterbourne

As part of our science lesson this week, Iguanas went outside to explore the plants and trees around the school site; looking at the similarities and differences of these.  Using this knowledge, the children then identified and described the functions of different parts of plants.

On Tuesday we were lucky enough to begin our World Book Day celebrations with a visit from a local author, Anne Wan.  She worked with the children to explain the process of becoming a published author and how she starts the creative process of writing stories.  The children then created their own fantasy snow globes.  World Book Day, 2022 saw such amazing and wonderful book characters come to life at Otterbourne. It's been a great day!

We have been thinking about our physical, mental and emotional health this week. From doing journalling and yoga, to doing the daily mile and starting conversations with others. Here are some pictures from Iguana's orienteering session. A muddy but fun session!!

Cressida Cowell Inspired art - 21.01.22

Over the last few weeks, we have been doing dragon art using a range of mediums.  This week, the children have been using Cressida Cowell's illustrations for inspiration and then creating their own versions using a mixture of black biro and pencil.

This week in Iguana class, we have been researching different topic areas relating to water as part of our non-fiction unit in English. In order to understand what a good leaflet needs, the children have been detectives and have been looking at lots of examples.  They then came up with their own success criteria ready for their own leaflet writing.

This week, the children from Year 3 and 4 began their new topic, Water Aid.  They looked at how water can be cleaned, moved and stopped.  These activities were an introduction into looking at the water cycle and where water can be found around school and how these sources will change around the world. 

During this week, we were lucky enough to have a box of Viking resources and artefacts to explore - including some Viking outfits and weapons. Then everyone took part in a Viking themed day...we all had lots of fun and got to do some cooking, Viking artwork and then even attend a Viking funeral!

As part of our RE topic called Holy, the children created freeze frames for the moment Angel Gabriel shared the news that Mary would be having God's son.  The children learned about the story of the Annunciation and then also created stain glass windows to depict Mary and baby Jesus.

Vikings verses the Anglo Saxons... 25.11.21

Iguanas were exploring how in history, there are always different view points to an event. Today, the children imagined they were part of a Viking invasion. The children got into roles as either a Viking about to invade or an Anglo Saxon having their village invaded.  We had some very serious and fierce Vikings and Anglo Saxons!

For today's English, Iguanas were creating freeze frames. They were imagining that they were Hogarth, the son of a local farmer, who had just seen what he thinks is the Iron Man climbing up the mountain. This news surprised and shocked Hogarth that he raced home to tell his father, mother and little sister. What will happen to the Iron Man?

The Vikings - 18.11.21

Were the Vikings raiders or traders? That is what Iguana class have started to explore. They were looking at historical images to begin their research as to who the Vikings really were.  From looking at Vikings in their full fighting attire to looking at a Viking longship and in groups having to draw from memory a section at a time. Our research (topic work) continues!

As part of our English work this week focusing on the Iron Man, our class worked in groups to imagine the conversation between the seagulls, when they witnessed the Iron Man piecing himself back together again.  Everyone agreed it would be a very peculiar event to watch!

As part of our whole school, outdoor learning day, Iguanas continued our recent music work but instead of using traditional instruments, the children used natural materials to create patterns of sound in their groups.  We had stones clapping, thistles grating and even twigs scrapping!

No Limit! 22.10.21

As part of our PHSE work, we have been looking at different jobs, the skills they involve and challenging stereotypes. Here are some of the class acting out jobs for their group to guess the name of the role.

Whale Workshop 15.10.21

Whale workshop 15.10.21


We were extremely lucky to have a visit from ORCA today, who gave the children a talk about whales and dolphins.

Bird Watching 8.10.21.

As part of our longitudinal study, Iguanas spent some time in The Owl to see what type of birds could be spotted in the meadow. We will revisit again next half term, to see if the weather/season effects what we see.

Hot Seating the King! 1.10.21

We used role play as a device to think about how the characters from the poem might be feeling and how they might react. By doing this, we got a good understanding of how others felt, and used this to back up our reasoning

Writing Morning 24.09.21


As part of our whole school writing morning, the children were given the opportunity to write their own ending to 'Otterbourne Goes Mad...' The mystery of the May Fayre in 1972, as discovered in the time capsule. What happened to the May Fayre and how would Fred and Barbara solve the problem?