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Good morning! We’re all feeling refreshed after a great night’s sleep - some of us got nearly 11 hours! 😳 The children are in fine spirits this morning, looking forward to some more activities! We have the hide this evening, which the children are extremely excited for.


A big thank you to Miss Whitwham for opening a hair salon in the corridor for the girls! 

We also had a visit from the tooth fairy last night!

We’re all together this morning for a walk along the coast, so we will get lots of photos up later on.


Big smiles for morning inspections!

All ready for our beach walk!


All back from our beach walk! We learnt about the different shells on the beach and the creatures they come from. Then we saw some very nice houses along the coast! We walked past some beach huts, and learnt a little bit about the history of them - some of them have been around since the victorian times! 

A big long walk - around 4 miles! We’re pretty tired out and ready for some lunch now. After lunch we will be doing some more activities so keep an eye out for photos!

A play break on the adventure playground and football pitch!

Map-making and gnome-cacheing!

Mammal Hotels!

Mr O’Dowd and Mrs Whitwham were not pleased with the messy wellies (Actor recreation)


After another truly excellent day of activities (the lovely weather certainly helped!), the children have had a nice warm dinner and are now getting on with sculpting some weird and wacky faces out of clay - a Mrs Whitwham special!

The children are doing so brilliantly, and we are so so proud of how independent and confident they are being - they are a total credit to our school and themselves with their behaviour and attitude so far.


We’re outdoors for a wide game this evening - which may be hard to capture in photos! 

We’ll check back in later on with a bedtime update.

Clay Face Sculptures!

Tonight’s Wide Game - Find the pirates!!!


We’ve just come back from the hide - wow! It was a proper awe and wonder moment for the children seeing badgers and foxes less than 5 metres away! The children were so respectful and quiet to allow everyone to get a good chance of seeing the animals. This is definitely such a highlight of the whole trip , and a memory that will definitely last long into the future for the children!

The children are just getting settled into bed now after showers and brushing their teeth - we’re really impressed at how they have settled into this new routine.


One more full day of activities tomorrow - another group to get through Earthquake which they’re very excited for! Stay tuned for more photos tomorrow.


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