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Year 2 - Leopard and Tiger Class

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 Here is some information about what Year 2 looks like at Otterbourne C of E Primary School:


Leopard Class

Miss Smith (Teacher Mon-Wed)

Mrs Harrison (Teacher Thur-Fri)

Mrs Redford (Class LSA)

Mrs Crocker (1:1 LSA)


Tiger Class

Miss Reid (Teacher)

Mrs Kurn (Class SLA)

Mrs Harris (1:1 LSA)


Titanic Experience


We had a super morning today! The Leopards' classroom became the 1st Class area whilst the Tigers' classroom was 3rd class. The children also donned their crew hats at times to do jobs around the ship, such as setting the tables and clearing up.


All tickets were checked officiously!


1st class activities:

  • Swimming in the pool
  • A trip to the sauna
  • Massages
  • Waltzing
  • Being served les petits gateaux and les glaces français
  • Reading whilst listening to string quartet


  • 3rd class activities:
  • Playing naughts and crosses
  • Helping themselves to brown bread (a BIG hit!) and apples.
  • Dancing Irish jigs and making lots of noise!


All the children got to experience both first and third class. Finally, with only 5 lifeboats, it was a sober reminder that although we've had lots of fun learning the about the Titanic, it is actually a terribly sad story. 

Tomorrow, the children will get the chance to be ship workers working in Belfast!


Still image for this video


Still image for this video



We have started to look at a new text in English - The Proudest Blue by Ibtihaj Muhammad. Here is a link to the author reading it. Link

The book has needed a lot of unpicking and discussion so far so it could be something that you continue to chat about at home.


In maths, we have been exploring multiplication and therefore we're going to start weekly timetsatable quizzes on Mondays. We'll start with the 10s timestable multiplication and division facts. The quiz will be 60 questions in 5 minutes. We're looking for 55/60 correct answers to 'pass' onto the next stage. As ever, these will not be sacry 'tests' but should just become part of our maths routine. 




We're focusing a lot on Remembrance this week. The children have created poppies that will be 'planted' outside the church on Friday. We have talked through what Remembrance is all about and why it is so so important. The children will also be creating some art work based on Remembrance too.


In English, we are comparing the very different versions of Little Red Riding Hood we have explored. In maths, the children are adding money using their pplace value knowledge. We're investigating why tree seeds need to fall far from other trees and how they are designed so well to do so. We will also start practising the nativity!


Welcome Back


We hope you had a good half term break and didn't spend too much time in the rain!

To start the new half term, we have started focusing on a new story - Little Red Riding Hood. We will soon be looking at the text Little Red by Bethan Woollvin which gives a slightly different spin on the original story we all know.


In maths, we continue to look at money so any help you can give the children by letting them handle real money (not something we use much these days!) would be really helpful.


We are finishing our geography focus on Places to Play in our local area and will start thinking like historians about Otterbourne soon.


And finally...we have started to think about the nativity!!!


We are certainly working these children hard and you can tell, they're getting tired!

Over the last week, we have completed our work on Number, Place Value and Addition and Subtraction....for now. We will revist these areas of maths frequently across the year to revise and deepen understanding.

We are now moving on to Measurement.


In English, we've been inspired by World Mental Health Day and have taken the opportunity to write letters to friends and families with suggestions on how to look after themselves and stop them from getting too stressed, upset or frazzled. We used our Giraffes Can't Dance book as inspiration too, as the main character doubts his abilities.


A quick reminder that next week:


MONDAY - Inset

TUESDAY - Trip to the Play Park

WEDNESDAY - Parents' Maths Workshop



Never mind Strictly, it's been Year 2 Come Dancing this week in Year 2! The children performed the most incredible Tangos, Cha Chas and Rock 'n' Roll numbers in class this week, taking inspiration from Gerald the giraffe from our focus text. The children scored each other and then wrote up some very funny reviews of the dances - "Oh dear darling, those arms were simply awful!"

Adding and subtracting is our focus in maths this week ready to go onto measurement next week.

The children received a letter asking them to complete some fieldwork whilst on their trip to the park in the next few weeks so they practised their tasks in the school playground first.

Beans have been planted in Science and we have discussed what a seed actually is and how it works - the knowledge of the children was outstanding!


This week, the Year 2s have finished and shared their Bear Hunt inspired stories with the Year Rs who LOVED hearing them. They have promised they will come and share their own writing with us soon.

We're now moving on to look at the text Giraffes Can't Dance by Giles Andreae.

In maths, we've looked at missing numbers in number sentences and tackled 'bridging', a very tricky concept that we will revisit throughout the year.

We have had the first spellings quizzes and it's clear lots of children are accessing the Spelling Shed activities to support this practise; THANK YOU for that support.



Another full week in Year 2. The children have been busy using maps to label parts of our school in Geography and have started exploring how to make apple crumble in DT. They have created their own stories based on We're Going on a Bear Hunt but have adapted them to being set in Otterbourne - they're wonderful! 

Spellings and Phonics are well under way and our first quiz will be next Monday (25th Sep).


Just a reminder that we will be going out to play time in all weathers so it is definitely best to send the children in with a coat if in any doubt whatsoever. 



It was super to see so many of you at our Y2 Open Evening! If you weren't able to make it, here's what we shared with everyone.



The Year 2s have got well and truly stuck in to the new year! We are working so so hard. Our timetables are chocca-block and the children have achieved a lot already. They have been learning to think scientifically in science, have explored animal sounds with percussion instruments in music, have practsied using a thesaurus in English and are comparing numbers to 100 in maths. We have established our new spellings and phonics routines and reading has started too. If that wasn't enough, we have been on treasure hunts using maps around school in Georgraphy and playing relay games in PE. If the children are already exhausted, this might explain it!


Welcome back everyone! We hope you had an amazing break over the 'summer' (!) and managed to have some much needed rest. We're excited to establish this area of the school website as a place to come for updates and information about what is going on in Year 2.


We have noticed the imapct of the new organisation of KS1 already...we are all loving being two classes of Year 2s! The children have been so grown up, so smart and so settled and have really showed us how much they have grown up since this time last year. We're all feeling really positive about the year ahead.


Over the last couple of days, we have set up some new routines, shared our high expectations, explored the new classroom set-ups and got used to new friendship groups. We have also started maths and English lessons. We are starting with We're Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen and Helen Oxenbury in English. In maths, we're exploring Number, Place Value, Addition and Subtraction as our first unit. 


We're looking forward to welcoming you all to the Year 2 Parents Open Evening on Wednesday 13th September 3.30 - 4.30 in Tiger Class initially. It will be a chance for you to see your child's classroom and meet their teacher.