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5th May

The children looked great dressed up in red, white and blue for the Coronation celebrations today. This afternoon, we had the exciting class challenge of creating a coronation linked shape out of rich tea biscuits. The children voted and decided they would like to make a crown. We took it in turns of placing a biscuit in a place that would help create a crown shape but we were not allowed to move any biscuits that had already been placed. It was a fantastic challenge and the children continually adapted their idea and were pleased with their crown and even happier when they got to eat it!


The children also did some Highwayman based art this week in the style of the illustrator (Charles Keeping). They had a choice of chalk or charcoal. They enjoyed the opportunity to view each others' work in our art gallery and provided some lovely compliments. 

The Coronation

Highwayman Art