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Today in P4C, the Year 4 children focussed on the concept of 'Belonging'. We have been looking at this idea in our whole school and class worships and the children wanted to develop this by thinking about how we belong to the world, and each other. 


We started by watching 'The Present', a story about a little boy with a disability. The children thought carefully about why he might not feel like he belongs in the world e.g. he feels different, can't join in with some activities etc. This encouraged the children to think about the concept of belonging from another perspective.


In the video, the boy is given a puppy who has a similar disability. Initially the little boy shuns the puppy but eventually comes to the conclusion that they belong together. 


The children thought and discussed their ideas very sensitively, and linked it to current affairs in the news e.g. refugees being rejected by countries. It was very interesting to hear their responses and lovely to see them being so sensible with their contributions. Their ideas will help to make up a display in the hall relating to British Values.


Well done for being such caring and thoughtful citizens Year 4.


Mrs Simpson x