Otterbourne Church of England
Primary School

With God's love, all are encouraged to thrive

Day 1



We’ve had a fantastic afternoon of activities followed by scrumptious sausages and chips for tea. 

Right now, groups one and two are creating new inventions in epic engineering whilst groups three and four are exploring the Hangar seeking clues to complete the Hangar quiz. Soon, we’ll be going back for hot chocolate and then we’ll be settling down for a nice quiet nights sleep! 


We’ve arrived safely and are already enjoying our first day of activities. The children have already impressed us with their independence, organisation and good listening skills. The rooms are set up and the children have had fun arranging their belongings. We’ve had a tour and enjoyed a delicious lunch of pizza and potato wedges with ring doughnuts for dessert. 


Group one are now busy climbing whilst group two are busy puzzling their way through the initiative course. Groups three and four have headed off-site on the Calshot minibus to do some fabulous orienteering at Spratsdown woods. 


We will keep updating this webpage whenever we get access to the Hangar WiFi so keep checking back.