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Otterbourne C.E. Primary School

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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.
Picture 1 Mr C Brooks-Martin (Headteacher)
Picture 2 Mr M Geraghty (Deputy & Class Teacher - Giraffes)
Picture 3 Mrs M Cook (Class Teacher - Giraffes)
Picture 4 Miss L Hutchings (Class Teacher - Koalas)
Picture 5 Mrs C Smith (Student Teacher - Koalas)
Picture 6 Mrs Z Simpson (Class Teacher - Chameleons)
Picture 7 Mrs D Hinton (LSA - Chameleons)
Picture 8 Mr C O'Dowd (Class Teacher - Geckos)
Picture 9 Miss S Taylor (Class Teacher - Iguanas)
Picture 10 Mrs C Tiller (LSA - Iguanas)
Picture 11 Mrs J Palmer (LSA - Iguanas)
Picture 12 Mrs C Armstrong (LSA - Year 3/4)
Picture 13 Mrs S Slominski (LSA - Year 3/4)
Picture 14 Miss R Smith (Class Teacher - Leopards)
Picture 15 Miss L Higson (LSA - Leopards)
Picture 16 Miss R Smith (LSA - Leopards)
Picture 17 Miss C Reid (Class Teacher - Tigers)
Picture 18 Mrs S Kurn (LSA - Tigers)
Picture 19 Mrs S Sprack (LSA - Tigers)
Picture 20 Mrs M Whitwham (Class Teacher - Jaguars)
Picture 21 Miss E Butwell (LSA - Jaguars)
Picture 22 Miss H Whitbread (Class Teacher - Penguins)
Picture 23 Mrs E Reid (LSA - Penguins)
Picture 24 Mrs M Morgan (Class Teacher - Puffins)
Picture 25 Mrs C Holland (Class Teacher - Puffins)
Picture 26 Mrs L Pamphlett (LSA - Puffins)
Picture 27 Mrs H Simmons (Teacher - Science)
Picture 28 Mr P Bagge (Teacher - Computing)
Picture 29 Mrs N Compton (HLTA and Sports Co-ordinator)
Picture 30 Mrs K Davenport (Admin Manager)
Picture 31 Mrs J Emburey (Senior Admin Assistant)
Picture 32 Mrs A Phillips (Manager - The Holt)
Picture 33 Mrs J Smith (Play Worker - The Holt)
Picture 34 Mrs R Rogers (Play Worker - The Holt)
Picture 35 Mrs C Bruce (Play Worker - The Holt)
Picture 36 Mrs N Whayman (Play Worker - The Holt)
Picture 37 Mrs S Sansom (Playworker - The Holt)
Picture 38 Mrs T Slater (Lunchtime SA)
Picture 39 Mrs L Hiscox (Lunchtime SA)
Picture 40 Mr A Hiscox (Caretaker)

Teaching is outstanding. Exceptionally well-planned and challenging tasks fully engage all groups of pupils in learning. Ofsted March 2015


School staff are very proud to work at the school and are extremely supportive of leadership.   Ofsted 2015