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Primary School

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Day 4

Thursday 29th September 



We can’t believe it is Thursday already! Every evening, before our hot chocolates, we always have reflections of the day. The children nominate others they have noticed in the day for great achievement. Last nights reflections showed how much the children are gaining from their experiences. There were so many children wishing to praise others for being brave, resilient, supportive or determined in the various challenges. Their ability to collaborate and encourage has grown so much since Monday; it makes us feel very proud. 


This morning, we are back on the water for more kayaking and sailing. The sun is shining again and conditions look perfect. Here are some additional photos from yesterday and a few from the day so far. We will keep adding when opportunities and WiFi allows.

A message from Mrs Simpson! 


A big hello from me! I arrived this morning, just in time for breakfast and sailing!


The children are all very happy and healthy, although looking a little tired. We had a super morning on the water.. Perfect weather for sailing and whizzing around Calshot on the fun boats. A HUGE well done to Molly L who, despite her best efforts to avoid it, enjoyed well over an hour sailing around in the sunshine. I am so proud of her :)


We are now in the hangar enjoying some skiing, climbing and shooting ready for a nice dinner and film later on this evening.


The children can't wait to see you all tomorrow. 


Mrs Simpson x