Otterbourne Church of England
Primary School

With God's love, all are encouraged to thrive

Our Curriculum

A Curriculum for Life


Learning to do, learning to know and learning to learn: the curriculum at Otterbourne is ambitious, aspirational, full of challenge and rich in experiences.  The learning journey that starts in the Early Years will stay with our children forever, whilst helping them understand how they can get the most out of each day and be the best version of themselves.  We are educating children for jobs that don't yet exist in a world that is constantly changing, so we have designed a curriculum to ensure they are prepared for what comes next...and beyond. 


Threaded through the school curriculum are three distinct areas of learning (the pillars), which follow our core Christian values of Trust, Respect and Determination.

We aim to develop children's understanding of the world we live in and help them recognise the positive and negative impact they can have on their local and national community...and the wider world.  Our curriculum encourages children to be responsible wardens of God's earth and agents of change, and helps them to see themselves as respectful global citizens who should strive to make the world a better place for themselves and others.


Within this curriculum thread, we are supporting children to recognise that everyone has the right to be proud of themselves and their identity.  There are 'No Outsiders' here; all faiths, cultures, backgrounds and choices are celebrated.  We are preparing children for life in modern Britain!  Inclusivity, equal opportunity, British Values and personal development all combine to ensure children are ready for life after primary school and beyond. 



Our aim is for all children to be the best version of themselves.  In order to do this, they need to feel safe and happy in school and in themselves.  They need to know about life-skills and be given the opportunity to develop these.  Throughout this curriculum thread, children learn what helps them be independent, confident learners, and we develop their individual character.  Through a range of activities, we help children to start to think about what they want to achieve in their short and long-term future, and we support them to be prepared for jobs that don't yet exist.     



Throughout their time with us, children will understand how their learning is connected to these pillars, and they will develop a greater understanding of the world in which they live.  This will include the statutory skills, knowledge and vocabulary that forms the National Curriculum as well as the exciting opportunities we are able to offer as part of our School Curriculum, including through outdoor learning and Forest Schools.  Personal development is everything that we do between the two!  Beyond the targets within the National Curriculum, we have developed opportunities for children to understand more of themselves and what can make them feel successful.  We support them to navigate their local environment, the wider world and the new challenges of living life online.


Child Friendly Pillars


We talk to the children about our Curriculum Pillars in all aspects of their learning. Look out for these child friendly versions of our pillars on the walls in our classrooms and on our display boards.