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Friday 8th October

It's always a busy week in school and this one is no exception. 

In English we have been very active learning about verbs. There has been lots of jumping, hopping, sitting, walking, dancing.... Year 2 also thought about adverbs. Adverbs are similar to an adjective. Adjectives describe a noun and adverbs describe a verb. I wonder why adjectives were not call adnouns?!! There were some lovely descriptions written for the peter rabbit story - hiding quietly, walking smartly, searching suspiciously and snoring loudly. We did chat about running fastly!

In maths we are just finishing our unit on number and place value. Year 1 have been focussing on representing numbers in different ways such as a tally, ten frame, holding up fingers, numicon etc. Year 2 have been using counting skills to spot patterns.

We have continued our quest to be scientists by following a simple method to plant seeds. Instead of soil we used cotton wool so we can watch the seeds germinate more easily. 

In PSHE we have been thinking about different types of jobs. This week we looked at jobs within the community such as police, fire fighters, teachers, refuse collectors and mechanics.

We always have a great time when coach Meg takes us for R&R PE on a Thursday. This week we were practising cricket skills.

Finally, in Geography we have been comparing the weather and landscape of Kenya and England. We got a lovely new class globe and looked at where Kenya lies on the equator. Toby was the sun and we could see that the equator was the closest to the sun so it was the warmest area.