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Autumn Week 5

Week 5!

Its been a very busy week after the Year 6 Calshot trip, but great to be back in the class with all the Gazelles!

We spent some time playing the board games the Year 5s made in maths last week, and we had a great time! Well done Year 5s.

Then, we learned all about how the Earth is structured by using an egg to represent the crust, the mantle and the inner and outer core.

We carried on our artist study where we've been looking at Hokusai and his painting 'The Great Wave' by creating some art using tearing techniques.

Finally, we headed over the the church and joined in brilliantly with all the songs - great job Gazelles!


Singing at the Harvest festival.

Hokusai inspired paper tearing art!

A very interesting EGG-speriment to learn about the structure of the Earth!

Playing the board games Year 5 made in maths last week!