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Leopard Class


Welcome to the Leopards Class! Here, we will post photos and updates that are specific to the lovely Leopards.


Sharing stories with Year R


This is something we have done before and was such a lovely success, I wanted to do again. The Leopards have worked very hard to create stories based on Peter Rabbit during our most recent English unit. The work has resulted in re-telling the story but with a focus on Mr McGregor being a poor old man who is just trying to grow some vegetables in peace without the local thief, Peter, ruining his chances of growing something yummy for his supper. After lots of careful preparation, it was fab for the Leopards to share their hard work.




The Leopards have been working on a music project with Mr Marshall on Tuesdays. They have composed a group piece of music and individual solos of 8 notes, all based on a fictional planet, Planet X. 


Be Happy, Be Healthy Week


Today, we held our own episode of Gladiators! The children (and I!) have been talking about he show a lot recently and I have been reinforcing how supportive all the competitors are of one another. 

The children made name badges for their Gladiator names and then competed in 2 teams in three different activities. We all had LOTS of fun!


Still image for this video


Old School Day


What a day! Thank you so SO much for the incredible effort put into the costumes today - the children looked incredible!! We have well and truly explored what school in Otterbourne would have been like in 1903, 1963, 1993 and the of course 2023.

We had a FABULOUS Victorian teacher come in and teach us about daily life for boys and girls in the Victorian era. We then went on a stroll around the school building, using a map from 1963 showing a MUCH smaller school - just 3 classrooms! We spoke to Mrs Whitwham who started teaching here in 1993 and she told us all about how FUN school was and how much time the teachers had to create exciting experiences for the children. She assured us she has never used a cane though. In actual fact, most children voted that they would most like to be at school during the 90s. I think the day has been a fun one for the Leopards and they have been begging to have their chairs and tables left in strict rows from now on. 


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Star Party

Wednesday 29th November


Please BRING some PJs to get changed into and 1 SMALL cuddly toy to cuddle whilst watching a film with some hot chocolate!


Measuring the height of trees!


Can the Leopards explain to you how we did it?!


Little Red Riding Hood stick puppets



One of Miss Smith's favourite videos which now, the Leopards love too!

We're The Superhumans | Rio Paralympics 2016 Trailer

Channel 4 is proud to present the 3-minute trailer for the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games. Signed & Subtitled and Audio Described versions are available in the playlist. Download the track at from Sat 16th July, with all profits going to the British Paralympic Association.


Science - I can use scientific equipment


Georgraphy- I can compare aerial photographs and maps to locate Otterbourne


The children used a drawn map of our school to find pieces of an aerial photo map of the school. Once they had collected all the pieces, they reassembled them to form the map!



Maths - I can represent numbers in different ways.


The children used a range of resources to show how a number can be built. Some of the Leopards became inventive and started using resources to represent tens and ones. They were in charge of using the ipads to record their work.


Science - I can work scientifically


The Leopards explored the process of:

Make an observation

Ask a question

Form a hypothesis

Make a prediction





  • They tested my observation that 'We have a big playground!' 
  • My question was 'How long actually is the playground?'
  • My hypothesis was 'We should use steps to measure the playground'.
  • My prediction was 'It will be 27 steps long'.
  • The children tested this and realised all their steps were different sizes and therefore gave unreliable results.
  • They suggested using metre sticks so worked in partners to measure. This was much better and each pair's results were much closer in range. This process was hardwork though and quite tricky so we tried again using the metre wheels. Finally, we had a result that everyone agreed on! 38 metres.
  • Our conclusion was 'Steps don't give us a reliable result'.
  • Our analysis was 'Use metres when measuring the playground as they stay the same length no matter what. Don't use steps again'.





Making crosses for class collective worships


Music - mimicking animal sounds


Introducing We're Going on a Bear Hunt