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Friday 3rd December

Friday 3rd December

This week was another great week at school. We all learned a lot from the various lessons. Despite the weather, we have had our heads held high.


In English this week, we have been watching a video made by Pixar and writing based on the story of the video. Copy and paste or, if it works, click on this link to take you to the video if you are interested:

We spent Monday, Tuesday and Thursday planning and taking notes to write our narratives. Then, on Friday, we wrote our stories and everyone put in their best effort. We spent an hour and a half and then we stopped for break.


In maths, we were split into two groups depending on how confident we were. We would have done this in March but as we did so well in our pre-SATs tests, they did it sooner. In both groups, we have been doing fractions. We have been dividing, adding, multiplying and subtracting fractions and getting the help, support and challenge that we all need.


By Elodie