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28th January

Friday 28th January 2022

This week has been packed with exciting activities.

We have all been more excited than ever because this week we were going swimming again, after last week’s upsetting cancellation.


As it was Halocaust Memorial Day, we had a PSHE talk about the holocaust that happened in Germany. This was a difficult time for those in need as they were Jewish or have had Jewish origin. We also learnt about the story of the Pied Piper. 


In English this week we explored another fantastic Greek Myth: Medusa and Perseus. click on this link to listen to the myth. We wrote some fantastic descriptions that would make your spines tingle. 


As well as this, in Maths, we have been finding the perimeter and area of advanced compound shapes. This was a challenge as we progressed through the grid sheet. Some shapes simpler and more difficult than others depending on which group we were in.

As part of our Greek topic, we were practicing Greek patterns to put on our pottery (when we make it later this term).


On Wednesday, with Mrs Robinson,  we designed our own theme park using our maths skills!  This has been very challenging and excting. 


Furthermore, in science, we were learning  about bird life cycles and watched a video from egg to fledgling.


By Elodie and Isaac