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Primary School

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Friday 12th November

What a busy week!


On Tuesday we had an R.E. Day looking at the festival of Diwali. We looked at the Hindu tradition associated with this festival. We learnt about the symbol of light and how this is a positive force. We talked about Goodies V Baddies (Maleficent and Sleeping Beauty etc) and Light V Dark. We listened to the story of Sita and Rama and made salt dough Diva lamps.


On Wednesday we had our Crumble day. Peter Rabbit had been shopping and left all of the ingredients in the classroom. Mrs Hall had been secretly hoping for a chilled out such luck! The children enjoyed looking at different cookery books and recipes. They wrote crumble shopping lists and looked at the bossy verbs in recipes. Everyone peeled their apples with Mrs Hall and chopped their apples (using the bridge hold) with Mrs Bertaccini. After lunch the children then mixed up the crumble topping and put everything together.


On Friday it was "Rabbit Day". What a joy to see all of these little rabbits hopping into school. We learned a bit about rabbits, listened to a 1960's classic Vivien Leigh reading Peter rabbit with lots of singing. Then we had our tea party. All of the children had radishes (even just a tiny nibble), carrots and fruit loaf followed by a warm cup of camomile tea. In the afternoon we had out Star Party for filling our marble jar. We had popcorn and watched Peter rabbit - the movie.