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Zebra Class

Welcome to Zebra Class

The Year 5/6 teaching team is:

Mrs Simpson - Class teacher (Zebras)

Mrs Holland - Class Teacher (Giraffes)

Mr O'Dowd - Class Teacher (Gazelles)

Mr Bagge/Mrs Simmons/Mrs Morgan - PPA cover Wednesday afternoon

Mrs Hearn (LSA support - Am), Mrs Johnson (LSA Support - AM).


Homework Rota: 

Maths and English homework will be given out on a Wednesday.  Homework is due in on a Monday.

Spellings will be set on a Monday in class and be tested on the Friday - Spelling Shed will update automatically with the new spellings each Monday.


Library Time: Our library day is on a Monday this year. Books can be returned on any day but they must be properly scanned back in to avoid them still being signed out under your child's name.


Reading Diaries: Reading diaries are to be returned to school each Monday for checking, house points to be rewarded and they will then be sent home the same day. Reading diaries should be filled in 5 x a week.


P.E.: Please ensure that all PE kits are in school at all times. 


The class teachers will be on the church playground each day at 3.30pm for discussions.  However, if there is any aspect of your child's school experience that you would like to discuss in private, please email or call the school office to discuss further. 


Summer 1 Week 4 - SATs Week!

I am a really proud teacher this week as I watched our lovely year 6s navigate some of the trickiest SATs papers we have seen in years.


Well done to each and every one of you. We know you did nothing less than your best and we think you are wonderful.


This is my first year as a year 6 teacher and I didn't really know what to expect from the children, but their resilience, determination and enthusiasm to do their best has floored me this week.


I hope everyone has a lovely weekend and I look forward to seeing you all on Monday for our final few weeks together, where we can forget about SATs and have some fun! ❤️

Summer 1 Week 3 - Highwayman art, javelin and shot put!

Summer 1 Week 2 - Bridge Building and Most Eco Friendly Class!

Summer 1 - WEEK 1 - The Stocks and Stable Buildings!

Spring 2 Week 6 - Protest Banners/March

Spring 2 Week 4 - Wild Worships and Red Nose Day!

Spring 2 Week 3 - New Forest Trip!

Spring 2 - Week 2: World Book Day

Spring 2 - Week 1: NSPCC visit, YOGA, Topic Presentations and 'The Maker'

Be Happy Be Healthy - Day 5 - GP visit and Scootering!

Be Happy Be Healthy - Day Four - neurographic art

Be Happy Be Healthy - Day Two - Martial Arts

Be Happy Be Healthy - Day One - Journey Sticks

Time Zones and Biomes

Christmas 2022!

Friday 25th November - Winchester Science Centre

Destination Outer Space!

Pompeii Research and Double Page Spreads

Let's Think - Maths!

An exciting EGG-speriment! - 4th October


This afternoon, we used boiled eggs to model the Earth's crust, mantle, outer core and inner core

This is a great model to show tectonic plates and the Earth's layers.



Dragon's Den - Year 5 - 27.09.2022


Year 5 held its own Dragons’ Den today as part of our persuasive writing unit. Teams from each class had the opportunity to present or ‘pitch’ their mini-enterprise projects to a panel of ‘Dragons’ - myself and Mrs Hearn.


After each team had made their presentation, the panel discovered more about the projects by asking a number of questions. The Dragons were extremely impressed by the students’ presentations and by the creativity and effort which went into their projects - including the answers to some very tricky and unexpected questions!!



Mrs Hearn and I have been absolutely wowed by the effort the children have put into this mini project. They thought carefully about every aspect including costings, advertisements, persuasive language, tone and audience. We couldn't have asked for them to do a better job.


I hope to be able to film some of the presentations and upload here later.


Well done Year 5!!!

What makes a perfect friend? - 26th September


We had great fun discussing what makes a perfect friend today and seeing if everyone had the same ideas about this. We discovered that what makes a good friend for one person, isn't necessarily the same for somebody else! 

Dissecting flowers - 22nd February