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Year 3/4 (Chameleons) Archive

SON project rehearsal!

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First Visit from SON Project

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Our first visit from the SON Project was today and wow, what an afternoon we had!

Robin Browning, conductor for the Turner Sims orchestra arrived this afternoon with a team of people including Anka (a violinist), Ian (Professor of Science), Alice (a scientist), Molly (videographer) and Ollie (education and aural specialist).

We learned about the aims of the project, and even created a song from nowhere!

We can't wait for their next visit!!!

End of Term Year 3 French Party!

Whilst the year 4s went swimming this morning, we sneaked in an end of term French party! Flag bunting adorned the room and beautiful French music filled the air as we enjoyed a range of French Foods. Pomme, baguette de pain, croissant, brioche et pain perdu were on 'le menu', along with some extra special 'vino' which the children enjoyed. We watched Rio 2 in French as well!!


The children have been fantastic during French lessons this year and have always been so enthusiastic about their learning.


Well done Year 3!



Welcome to Chameleon Class 2019!


On Thursday, I had the pleasure of meeting the new members of Chameleon class ready for September. Although I know many from around the school, it was lovely to get to know them all a bit more. We had lots of fun creating our own Minecraft self portraits, decorating our locker labels (much to the Year 2's excitement!!) and creating shelters in the meadow to protect our little Playmobil people! What a great day!


I hope they all had a lovely day and I can't wait to get started in September!

Mrs S x



Oh my goodness, what a week we have had!


​​​​​​I cannot explain how amazed I am by our wonderful year 4s and the fantastic opportunity we had to spend four days on the residential with the Bushcraft Company. They were simply brilliant and we all had the most amazing time. A week I, and I'm sure they, will never forget! 


They had the chance to learn so many new skills including cooking on their own open fires, wilderness walks, camouflage and concealment, building shelters to sleep in, first aid, archery.. the list goes on. They showed such determination and resilience and I am so very proud of them all. Some of the children had never spent a night away from home, yet they stayed so positive, engaged and enthusiastic through the whole experience. Some even had the courage to eat salmon eyes which is something I'm sure they will never forget!!


A particular highlight for me was being involved in an emergency SOS scenario where the children were able to show off their newly found first aid skills. After stumbling upon a crashed plane in the forest, with myself, Miss Hutchings and Mr Geraghty playing the role of casualties, the children had the chance to check for the first signs of trauma and administer first aid to us. I must say, this only happened after they had adorned me with a pair of sunglasses, rolled me down a hill and screamed in my ear a few times which caused a few giggles!! 


The campfire songs and riddles were also a huge highlight and I'm sure you will have heard a few of their favourites already. I am very sorry for this!! :)


On our final night, the children absolutely wowed both us and the camp staff with 'Tribes Got Talent', a chance for the children to work collaboratively in their tribes and perform a song or a dance. The children worked so nicely together and performed such lovely songs and dances. After, they performed some of their own individual pieces, shocking the camp staff with their incredible talents. It was so wonderful to see.


The highly trained staff on our camp (Stu, Harry, Lucas and Jack) were exceptional and we enjoyed many a feast with plenty of delicious food, snacks and laughs and jokes every day. They were so kind and gentle to the children and were on hand 24/7 to ensure every child's needs were met in every way possible. They were so knowledgeable, enthusiastic and the children hung on every word they said. We cannot thank them enough for the dedication they show to their work and the effort they put in to make sure the children had the best trip possible.


All in all, we had the most fantastic week away and I am SO excited for next year already! How lucky I am to be able to do it all again! 


Without doubt, the children came home covered in mud and dirt, smelling of campfires and extremely tired. A true representation of how they fully immersed themselves into life in the forest. After sports day today, I am sure they are fully exhausted and I hope they all have a lovely restful weekend ready for our last few weeks together. 


With lots of love, 


Mrs S x










Bushcraft Residential Day One

Pet Blessing!

Magic Box Poem by Chameleon Class

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For our Free Write last week, we read 'The Magic Box' by Kit Wright and used it as inspiration for writing our own poem. We have chosen our favourite lines and put them together to make a class poem.

Mrs S x

New Topic!

We kicked off our new topic this afternoon with some orienteering (once the rain had disappeared!)


'Out and About' is a geography based topic about Otterbourne and Winchester. The children were shocked when we had a hand delivered letter from Ordnance Survey explaining that Otterbourne is going to be wiped from their maps! The children are very disappointed about this news and will be writing some speeches to take to a focus group, detailing all of the reasons why they feel Otterbourne is a special place.


Have a lovely weekend!


Mrs S x

Welcome back!!


Wow, our last half term all together.. how the year has flown! This half term is full to the brim of exciting activities and events. It's going to be a very, very busy one with the production, sports day, year 4 residential, talent show etc. I can't wait! 


We have been thinking carefully this week about next year. The year 3s have been focussing on the type of role model they would like to become as the younger children enter their class. The year 4s have been thinking about roles and responsibilities and how they can become thoughtful citizens in our world. 


In Chameleon class, we spent the morning planning a very thoughtful free write about our favourite feelings and memories - video to come! 


As always if you have any queries or questions, please catch me on the playground :)


Mrs S x

Arts Week

We've had a lovely week in the sunshine creating our arts week projects. The children created their own comic book based on the film 'Mune' and I am blown away by their creativity and determination. The end result was fantastic and I hope you enjoyed visiting the gallery at the end of the day.


Happy half term to everyone! 


Mrs S x 


Superhero Day!


Wow! Another excellent half term is nearly finished and the children enjoyed sending off their topic with a bang today!


They all looked fantastic. I would like to say a huge well done to the children who have worked so hard on this topic. Their superhero stories are really something to be proud of and their homework projects were phenomenal. We cannot thank you enough for your continued support at home.


Here's to one last half term! 

Mrs S x



An enormous well done to all the children today for their incredible enterprise skills. I was super impressed with the hard work put in to all the ideas and the resources the children brought along were fantastic. 


Well done everybody!


Red Nose Day - 2019! 


Wow didn't they all look amazing!! Well done to Layla for winning the KS2 prize for craziest hair, what an amazing idea!! Fingers crossed all the hairspray comes out by Monday :)


Mrs S x


Wet Play Fun! 

World Book Day 2019!


The children look fantastic today! Thank you for all the effort and hardwork that has been put into their costumes. They are having a fabulous day writing and illustrating their own picture books.


Mrs S x

Pancake Olympics!

What a fun afternoon! We hope all you all had a great time this afternoon competing in the pancake races! 


Here are some pictures of the fun and games :)

Mrs S x

Spring into Fitness - Day Two


We have had another wonderful day in school! We started the day investigating how physical activity affected our heart rate by checking our pulse during a variety of activities. We then converted our data in bar charts so we could compare how different levels of activity affected our pulse.


We were also treated to a visit from Mr Bagge who showed us how the school network works out on the playground. We all took on a role, dashing around the circuit to print, visit web pages and retrieve saved data from the network. 


After this, we were extremely lucky to receive some training from a charity called HeartBeatzUK. We learned about using the AED defibrillator we keep in school and about bystander CPR. The children were able to practise this on each other as well as on a mannequin. 


I am sure the children will come home buzzing about the activities we have carried out today and looking forward to what tomorrow may bring!!


Mrs S x



Welcome Back Chameleons!

Spring into Fitness - Day One

A big welcome back to everyone to school this week. I hope you have all had a lovely half term and are feeling refreshed and ready for an exciting six weeks before the Easter holidays!


We have enjoyed the weather today and jumped straight into Spring into Fitness week with our new 'Daily Mile', PE, yoga and a special guest appearance from Mr Wootton who taught us all about grip strength and peak flow. The children have really had a lovely day and are very excited for the rest of the week! I'm sure they will tell you all about it. 


For this half term's homework, the children have been given a project relating to their science based topic 'Bright Sparks'. They will be bringing this home today and will have until Wednesday 20th March to complete. I have attached a copy of the homework to this message also.


As always, if you need anything, please catch me before/after school anytime. 

Mrs S x



Computing Powerpoints

Over the last few weeks, we have been creating our own Stone Age Powerpoints during computing. We have worked hard to include pictures, headings and subheading and some exciting transitions to move between slides. 


On Friday, we shared our powerpoints with the rest of the class. I am very impressed with how well the children have done!!


Mrs S xx

Butser Farm Trip - Monday 4th February


The children had a fantastic, if a little cold and damp(!), day at Butser Farm on Monday. We took part in workshops throughout the day on archaeology, jewellery making, cordage and spinning. We investigated the typical stone age houses and had lots of lovely stone age inspired items to bring home with us. 


We also enjoyed eating our very own stone age inspired flapjacks around the fire to warm up at lunchtime!


Mrs S xx




Drama Freeze Frames

This week in English we have been looking at the story mountain structure for when we write our own stone age stories.


We then showed them to the rest of the class to see if they could guess what was going on in our stories!


The children can't wait to get started on writing their stories next week!


Mr O'Dowd 


Meet and Greet Song - French

In French we have been learning how to say hello and goodbye and some phrases relating to how we feel.

Please practise this song at home to help your child's learning.

Thank you

Mrs S x

Stone Age Poo!!

When we arrived in class this morning, a mysterious parcel with a letter attached was waiting for us. We thought carefully about what could be inside the box before deciding it was probably a parcel from Professor Forest, a time travelling scientist who has recently visited the Stone Age.


The letter explained that he did not have enough time to finish his investigations into the Stone Age diet, and had brought back some samples for us to excavate.


The children had a great time dissecting the 'samples' and learning about the limited diet the people in the Stone Age had, even if it was a bit of a mucky, yucky job!!


Cave Paintings


In Art this week, we've had a great time exploring how we can use natural materials to create our own stone age inspired cave paintings. We went out and collected natural materials like grass and mud, and experimented with how we could create different coloured paints. 


The classroom was blacked out to recreate what it would have been like inside the cave and we painted by torchlight.


The results are brilliant and the children were all so engaged with the task. I will upload pictures of the finished product shortly :)


Mrs S x

Happy New Year!


We hope you all had a wonderful break over Christmas and are looking forward to the start of a new term. We would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you for all your generous gifts and cards at the end of last term.


The children have quickly settled back into the routine of school. They have really thrown themselves into our new topic, 'Through the Ages', and are thoroughly enjoying learning about the Stone Age. We have already learnt about prehistoric animals and have produced some beautiful Stone Age inspired cave paintings.


We are looking forward to some really exciting learning opportunities this term as well as a trip to Butser Farm on the 4th February (details to follow shortly). Some of these activities will require being outside, so please ensure your children have wellies in school.


We are particularly lucky this term as we are being joined by Mr O'Dowd, a final year trainee teacher from the University of Winchester. 


Please catch me if you have any questions or queries.


Mrs S x



Merry Christmas Everyone!


Wow! What an amazing first term we have had this year! I am so proud of every single child in the class for being so brilliant. They have worked so fantastically hard at everything they have been given and really thrown themselves into life in Year 3/4. Your children are simply amazing and I love working with them each day. I can't wait to see what next term will bring! 


I hope you all have a very happy Christmas and look forward to seeing you all in the new year!


Love Mrs S x


Chocolate Day!


The children had a fabulous day learning all about chocolate on the Ministry of Chocolate workshop. They really impressed our guest with all their knowledge about the history of chocolate and Fairtrade and especially enjoyed creating and tasting their own chocolates!


Mrs S x




News Reports!

This week, the children have worked in small groups to write scripts for a news report about Charlie Bucket winning the last golden ticket.


They worked so well together and enjoyed filming their final pieces on the green screen.


Well done Chameleons!!


Mrs S xx

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Leonardo Da Vinci

Today in class we have been learning about Leonardo Da Vinci and his inventions. The children investigated various different utensils and sketched them in their books. Then they decided which utensils could be used together to create a new invention for Willy Wonka's chocolate factory! The children had great fun thinking about how everyday items could be used in different ways and came up with some very interesting and unique inventions!! They will be using their ideas to inform their writing later on.



Children in Need - Rockerbourne School!


Wow!! A HUGE thank you to everyone for supporting Children in Need this year. The children look absolutely amazing in their outfits and they have had a fantastic day doing lots of fun activities whilst raising money for a very worthy cause. 


The day started with an assembly by the man himself, Mr Elvis Brooks-Martin, featuring some classic air guitar moves from Mr G. 


During the day, we practised some groovy moves to 'Happy' by Pharrell Williams and designed and created our own rock star glasses. 


The day finished with a whole school air guitar competition, with the joint winners being Gecko and Giraffe class.


Thank you once again for all your support. We raised a whopping £251 for Children in Need!! Well done!!


Love Mrs S x



Year 4 Maths!


The Year 4s started their new maths topic today by estimating the perimeter of the playgrounds in school. First of all, they created a table and wrote down their estimations. Then, they went outside and measured the perimeter in metres with a trundle wheel. After their initial findings, some of the groups decided to adjust their estimations for the other playgrounds based on what they had found out.


One group chose to use a tape measure to find the perimeter, but quickly decided this was not the most efficient method!



New members in class!


Yesterday the children spent the afternoon with Mrs Simmons collecting the resources needed to create their very own wormery in class! Each group was given a task such as collecting leaves, water, worms and mouldy fruit peelings. They looked closely at the worms using a microscope and learned about how they move, what they eat and how they live in compost. The children are very excited to see how their wormery develops over the next few weeks! 


Roman Day!!  SALVE!


Wow, what a fantastic day we have had today! The children all look amazing - thank you so much for the time and effort you have put in to making their amazing costumes. The children have enjoyed a fun packed day of headband and shield making, as well as recreating a roman battle (children versus teachers!) and partaking in a roman style banquet where they enjoyed trying typical roman foods. At the end of the day we were able to show off some of the work we have created over this half term. The children have put so much effort and enthusiasm into their work this term and I am very proud of their achievements. I look forward to many more exciting adventures with them over the next year. Mrs S x

Uganda Day 2018 - The children have had an excellent day doing various activities for Uganda Day. Thank you so much for your generous donations, they will make a huge difference to the lives of our friends in Kisoro! Mrs S x

Roman Chariot Making! Today we started our design technology unit which looks at Roman chariots. The children spent some time learning about how the Romans used chariots for entertainment, and then designed how they would like their chariot to look. Some children were able to start creating the base of their chariot by carefully cutting pieces of wood to size with a saw, and then glueing the pieces together. The rest of the children will be able to continue with this next week. We hope to be able to race the chariots on Roman day!

Mice Krispy Cakes - Chameleon Class - Today in class we enjoyed making Mice Krispy cakes as part of our instructional writing. We used a recipe and picked out the imperative verbs and time connectives, making sure we carried out each step in the correct order. Tomorrow we will use our pictures as a guide to create a set of instructions for someone else to make a 'Mice Krispy' cake. The children are very excited to take their creations home and I hope they enjoy eating them as much as they enjoyed making them!! Mrs Simpson x