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25th November

25th November


Our highlights this week have to be designing our own creatures to live on Pandora, as part of our non-chronological reports and, of course, our trip to Winchester Science Centre.


The children started designing their creatures in art on Monday and selected their sketching pencils carefully. They have embraced the opportunity to be creative and have been using their imaginations and artistic skills to add all sorts of wonderful features. We have started drafting our non-chronological reports too and are seeing some great writing so far.


Our trip to Winchester Science Centre today was lots of fun. The children really enjoyed the opportunity to design their own rocket ships in groups. Their mission was to get it to fly the furthest across the room. Our first attempts were good but didn't fly that far so, after some reviewing, the children created second attempts, which were much more aero-dynamic. There was much excitement as we watched them zoom all the way across the room.


One of our other highlights of the trip was enjoying the freedom and opportunity to explore all the exhibits with our friends. They looked fantastic dressed up as astronauts and there were lots of discoveries and a lot of play! 


Our trip finished with an exploration of space in the planetarium where we discovered what all the planets were like. Enjoy the photos - there are some of the children's longitudinal study session with Mrs Simmons on Friday too!