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Primary School

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Friday 22nd October

It's Christmaaaaaaas! Not really...that's another 64 days. In Leopards we have a lovely Christmas afternoon creating our torn paper Christmas Tree cards. Mrs Hall got very excited as Christmas is her favourite!


We had an amazing RE day on Wednesday looking at God's Creation. We reflected on his work and how much effort it took but how proud he must have been. Then Mrs Hall tricked the children.... Mrs Bertaccini built a really cool Duplo model and "on purpose" Mrs Hall knocked it over and then walked off saying "Don't care, not bothered". The children were absolutely horrified and Mrs Hall was told off in no uncertain terms. But when They were told it was a trick and it was to teach them something, they quickly realised that God must feel the same when humans don't take care of his creation.


In Geography we looked at Physical and Human geographical features. This linked quite well to the Creation as the children noticed that the Physical things were the same as the ones God created.


In English the children had a free writing morning. They wrote a story about Peter Rabbit using all of the things they had learnt over the last half term. Mrs Hall was blown away!!!!!