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Friday 23rd September 


We went into school on Tuesday and we started with a morning job. Leading up with English which was making a word bank for our volcano story ‘When the giant stirred’. After lunch we did PSHE about ‘VIP’ (very important people) until the reflective assembly of Her Majesty the Queens funeral.

On Wednesday, We finished our word banks and started a description of the volcano before it erupts by using the words we thought of. In the afternoon we did guided reading and finished PSHE.

The next day, Thursday, we started our build up to the eruption. After 1 Pm it was time for school counsellor votes in the end, Sienna and Keanu won for Zebra class. Finally we found seeds outside in science and did some spelling in our booklets.

Friday came and we started the day marking our science and finishing our English this week by doing the end of the story. The afternoon came and we started with guided reading and getting changed for PE. Later on PE had finished we had gotten changed and we went to celebration assembly with the rest of the school. 

Year 6 have been attending meetings about Calshot for next week and making sure their bags will be packed with everything they need, all of us are looking forward to it. We have also done screen printing and creating patterns of the ocean by carving the design onto Styrofoam, applying paint then stamping into our books.


By Molly H and Ellie LB

Friday 16th September 2022

As we got into school on Monday, the first thing we did was some handwriting. Soon after we all did some English we read a story book called ‘When the Giant Stirred’, which is about a volcano that erupted on an island called Krakatoa. After English we had break then Maths. In Maths we learned about different ways of problem solving strategies also known as Maths heuristics. After Maths we had lunch then came back to class for Guided Reading in which we read our new book ‘Wonder’. Next, we had an assembly about school council. Finally, after assembly we all packed up and went home.

When we arrived at school, on Tuesday, we all rushed in because we all very excited since it was VR (virtual reality) day. This nice man was standing near the door, next to a bag full of VR headsets. Not long after we got to put our headsets on, and look at different volcanos erupting. Once we had seen all of it he said we can watch the gorillas. It was hilarious, they came up and sniffed us. Then it was lunch. Then it was time to swap over. When we swapped over we had to do some work on the volcano from the story. We did some work on the volcanoes thoughts and feelings. Then we did a quiz about countries around the world using the VR headsets. It was brilliant!!


Later in the week, we got to meet our buddies for the first time and read a book to them. It was so much fun!


By Alayna and 

Friday 9th September 2022


This week at Otterbourne primary school, our year 5/6 classes are being introduced to a taste of being top of the school. This week so far we have experienced some brilliant learning! Stepping up to a new year always brings new responsibilities, lessons, teachers, and most importantly, friends.


This week in assembly, we have learnt about kindness and how we should always use our school values (trust, respect determination) no matter what. Also, we learnt that whoever stands by the friendship stop will not be judged. No matter what year they are in, whether it be year 1s or year 6s, they will always be a part of our school.


In math this week, we have done some phenomenal exploring. We have participated in a lot of practical learning like naughty or nice which involves rolling dice to see who gets the biggest number. In English this week, we have talked about a bird and dog video (Joy Story), a lovely and heartwarming story about not judging a book by its cover.


This week in guided reading, we are learning about another wonderful story, Wonder. This story is about a boy with an unusual face and how it affects him in every day life. It is interesting that he does not reveal the things that are different about his face and leaves the reader wanting more. He describes what it really feels like to be different to the reader. From the information given we know that he has never been to school before and has had 27 surgeries by the age of 10!


This week has had every single member of staff in Years 5 and 6 gobsmacked! And only in the first week too! Keep up the amazing work everyone!


Olivia Patel & Keanu Hunter-Jobbins