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Friday 5th November

What an exhausting and exciting week - it feels as though half term was a life time ago!


In maths we have been using the bar model to support addition in Y1. In Y2 the children have been using the bar model to support four calculations E.g. 10+4=14, 4+10=14, 14-10=4, 14-4+10.

We have also been practising counting in 2's and the children loved this video on YouTube:


We have had a very arty week looking at African patterns on clothes, textiles and homewares. The children loved looking carefully at each pattern and recognised that each one only used 3-4 colours. They spent a LOOOOOONG time colouring their patterns and still want to finish them off next week. Erin brought in some beautiful dresses that her daddy got in Gambia. These were a real life example of the patterns we had enjoyed looking at.


Our outdoor learning day was chilly but brrrrrrrilliant! We looked at the work of sculptor Andy Goldsworthy and marvelled at his creations made from natural materials. We talked about how the seasons and weather made his work temporary. This made it all the more realistic when the wind blew some of our creations! Outside we gathered leaves as a class team and made piles of each colour. Then in groups of four, the children recreated an Andy Goldsworthy leaf sculpture. The results were fantastic.


In our Shine Bright day the children explored the safety of wearing florescent and reflective clothing during winter months. We created dull and bright firework pictures to demonstrate the effect our clothing has in the dark. It was lovely to see how our sparkly clothes reflected patterns as the sun shone on them.