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Primary School

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Friday 15th October


In maths we have been partitioning things and numbers in Year 1 and in Year 2 we have been methodical mathematicians looking at patterns in number bonds.


In English we have been using conjunctions to join two sentences together and we have been using the adjectives we've been practising for a few weeks. 


So instead of Year 1 writing:

I went to the shop. I bought an ice cream.

we wrote:

I went to the busy shop and I bought a delicious ice cream.

The conjunction is and.


So instead of Year 2 writing:

I took my dog for a walk. He needs exercise.

we wrote:

I took my fluffy, brown dog for a long walk because he needs exercise to keep fit.

The conjunction is because.


No photos of geography but we looked at the crops in England and Kenya. It came as a surprise to several children that we don't grow bananas in England. "But we have them in the supermarket" they said. Our learning changed direction to the import of fruit and vegetables from other countries and the use of container ships.


We have so many photo highlights for this week but the key ones to share are for art and science.


In Art, our study of collage and the work of Arcimboldo came to a finale with our amazing whole class  fruit and vegetable portrait. It really was a fun afternoon deciding what fruit or vegetable would be suitable for each feature.


In Science we have been learning to be scientists. We continued our skills of observation and also learnt to use a tree identification sheet. We only managed to look at five trees on the field because we spent ages looking at each tree - the leaves, trunk, seeds, shape and colour.