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Friday 2nd December

Lots of Christmas singing and rehearsals this week. Not taken a single photograph! Sorry!

I've attached a selection of the letter transcriptions that the children have been working on. Not included them all but will upload the finished ones next week. 

The children immersed themselves into the life of a 1st or 3rd class passenger on the Titanic and wrote a letter from that character. They then chose a name of a real life passenger to sign it from. 

We were history detectives following the trail of two real letters that we had been looking at. One signed Eva and one signed Wallace. We discovered that Eva was the famous Eva Hart who was a 7 year old survivor. Wallace was the band leader and died tied to his violin which was recovered two weeks later. The children are totally captivated by this project as are Mrs Bertaccini and myself. In fact, Mrs Bertaccini got Wizard Worker for finding out extra things at home this week!