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21st January

Friday 21st January 2022

This week was another exciting week at school. We have been getting up to lots of learning.


In English this week, we’ve been putting our note taking to the test and writing our final description of a scene from Theseus and the Minotaur. We’ve also been editing and improving this piece of work using the 4 editing stations:

  • Grammar garden
  • Spelling square
  • Punctuation point
  • Vocabulary valley

After doing this, we had some masterpieces!


In maths, we’ve been split into our classes as usual. In the different classes we’ve been doing different things:

Giraffes: percentages of amounts

Okapis: Some core and extension test papers (yr 6)


Also, in art, we did some grid drawings of Greek vases to help us focus in on the shape, proportion and details. 


In guided reading, we’ve been summarising and comparing chapter one and chapter two of The Adventures Of Odysseus. We discovered that the character Odysseus was weak and cowardly in chapter one. In contrast, he was brave and wise in chapter two. However, he showed himself to be cunning in both chapters. 


We are really enjoying our Ancient Greek topic and this week we explored the Greek Legacy of language. 


On the whole, this week was another brilliant week at school. We can’t wait for the next one!


By Elodie John