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Good morning! That was a brilliant night’s sleep! The children were all asleep and in bed brilliantly after the amazing experience of the hide last night. This morning some of the children were still sleeping at 7:30 and needed a wake-up call!

We’re just having some breakfast now before we wrap up warm in our waterproofs to face the elements. We’ll be looking in our mammal hotels to check if we caught anything, and then studying the creatures we find before releasing them back into the wild. 

We have our last full day of activities today - we can’t believe how fast the week has gone by!

Morning Inspections - time for big smiles!

Studying the small mammals we caught in our hotels!

A wet break - time to get the games out!


We’ve had a super morning studying the small mammals we captured last night - learning all about mice and even a vole! We made sure to release them back into their natural habitat afterwards.


For break today we opted to spend some time relaxing in the dorms, playing some games or reading. 


This afternoon we’ve got another group to Earthquake and some orienteering in the woods - hopefully the weather dries up a little bit!


Stubby Jumpers!


It’s been a full-on day of taking on the Earthquake adventure course and orienteering, topped off by the children receiving their Stubbington jumpers!

This evening, the children are going to write up their final night’s diary entry, and prepare for ‘The S Factor’ - Stubbington’s very own musical talent show! 

Some very tired out kids today, lots of them really looking forward to seeing adults at home tomorrow, but another fantastic day in the books!


All is quiet in the dorms on our last night here at Stubbington! 

A big well done to the owls on winning the ‘S Factor’ talent show - definitely get the kids to sing you their songs when they get home!

The animal hotels were a definite highlight, a totally magical experience for the children.


One more lot of morning activities before we head off home tomorrow afternoon - see you all tomorrow!