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Leopard Class


Where the Wild Things Are


This week, the children have got their gnashing teeth into the story of Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak. This is a children's classic and was certainly a staple of my childhood. In the story, Max's room melts away and becomes 'the world all around' him. Something similar happened in the Leopards' classroom as we used our imaginations to pretend we were all in a private boat, heading out to sea to find where the wild things live. With some sea sound effects playing in the background, we looked out of the sides of the boat to think about what we could hear, see, smell, taste and feel as we approached the mysterious island. Would you believe it, but the Leopards heard the wild things burping, tasted the salty water, felt scared of what they might find, saw weird fish leaping out of the water and even smelt the wild creatures' poo! This experience was lots of fun and (of course!) led to some writing - independent writing. This was quite a new concept for the Leopards, working completely by themselves. I made sure they knew that it was absolutely fine to make mistakes as long as they were trying their best with their ideas, handwriting and sounding out. Some children relished the chance to be free and creative whilst others found it more challenging to do a task largely unaided. I used this as an opportunity to see the children's free writing, their stamina for work and their independence skills. 

It would be really valuable if you could encourage the idea of independence at home as much as possible please. Whether that's getting dressed by themselves, getting their school things ready for the next day, making their own bed or putting their swimming stuff in the washing machine, just a little job here and there will really help with this mentality and will HUGELY help with attitudes at school. (DISCLAIMER: I promise I do know how busy all your lives are and how slow it can be asking a 6 year old to get dressed when you need to get out of the house and there are a million other things that need to be done first!!!)


First Weeks


We have packed in a lot in the first days of Leopards 2022-2023! We are exhausted and so we imagine the children might be too. They have done PE and music, both with external experts. They have had Mrs Simmons teach them some fabulous, hands-on Science during our PPA time (Planning, Preparation and Assessment). They have done some phonics, maths, English, explored their new topic 'Our Wonderful World', visited the library, had some PSHE reflection time and got used to new routines and learning expectations. Here are a few pictures!

Hello from Miss Smith


I'm sorry I couldn't make it to the Meet the Teacher afternoon so here is a quick video for me to say 'Hello' to you all and for you to put a face to the name. I hope to get to meet you all properly ASAP.


Hello from Miss Smith

Uploaded by youtube adder on 2022-09-17.


We are so pleased to tell you that our lovely Leopards have settled in brilliantly. For the Year 1 children, there is quite a big difference when they move up to KS1. The timetable is more formal and there is far less free play during the day. This can take some time to adapt but we're already noticing an increase in stamina from all the children. The Year 2s have a very new role too. They are suddenly the role models for the younger children and a lot is asked of them. They rather like this responsibility!


We have told the Leopards how lucky they are that they are the only class that get TWO teachers! The children seem to be coping really well with our set up (Miss Smith Mon-Wed, Mrs Harrison Thurs, Fri) and we're very proud of them already.


We will post pictures and updates of what we are learning about on this page weekly so do please keep an eye out as it would be fabulous for you to chat about the children's school learning with them at home.


Many thanks for your support for the year ahead,


Mrs Harrison and Miss Smith xxx