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Friday 24th September

Friday 24th September 2021


It seems that with every week that is passing, the school is getting back to normal...and it feels great!  This week, many of the Year 6 children headed out to represent the school in different sporting events.  It was such a pleasure to be at pitchside to watch the girl's and boy's football teams face local opposition in this year's league.  They all represented the school brilliantly and we are all very proud of their sportsmanship and teamwork.


Today was the first real test of independence in writing for the Giraffes and the Okapis as we had our first whole-school writing day of the year.  Mr B-M revealed the time-capsule that was discovered on the school grounds, and the children were very excited to see what was inside - especially the punishment book.  There was also an incomplete story, which the children tried to continue during the morning.  It's a warm Friday afternoon as this is written and the children have been outside, enjoying an afternoon of sport to finish the week, which they seem to be really enjoying.   We hope they reflect on a good week too and are finding those moments of which to be proud.