Otterbourne Church of England
Primary School

With God's love, all are encouraged to thrive

Roles and Responsibilities

Governor Roles and Responsibilities


Chair of Governors

Sue Barham

Vice-Chair of Governors

Steve Wootton

Child Protection

Sue Barham


Pupil Premium

Sue Barham and Julian Pearce

Looked after Children

Sue Barham

Emotional Health

Sue Barham

Health and Safety

Steve Wootton

Staffing matters

Sue Barham, Mel Whitwham

Development and Training Governor

Kevin Stafford

Mentor for New Governors

Vera Oldham

Governor Forum

Nick Michael

Special Educational Needs

Julian Pearce

Church Focus Group

Gill MacDonald, Vera Oldham

School Council

Gill MacDonald, Vera Oldham


Chris John

Safer Recruitment

Kevin Stafford, Vera Oldham, Sue Barham

Finance Committee Nick Michael (chair), Steve Wootton, Sue Barham, Rick Longworth, Chris Brooks-Martin
Curriculum and Standards CommitteeKevin Stafford (Chair), Vera Oldham, Sue Barham, Gillian MacDonald, Chris John, Chris Brooks-Martin