Otterbourne Church of England
Primary School

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Autumn Term Highlights

As part of our outdoor learning day and the end of our current science topic, the children went off to the church to explore the different uses of rock around the building and church site.  What is the right rock for the job?

Science - October 2022

The children have been learning about the different rock types and their properties, using this knowledge, they then had to plan and carry out an experiment to explore how porous the different rock types are.

Conscious Alley 30.09.22

As part of our English work, we have been looking at the story of 'Leon and the place in between' and for today's lesson, the children created a conscious alley for both sides of the argument for whether Leon should go into the box. What if he went in? Would he experience a magical world? Or would he put himself in danger?

Experimenting with charcoal - 23.9.22

In art, we have been looking at cave paintings and the media of charcoal.  The children were experimenting with creating different tones and textures.

Weekly Highlight - 16th September

This week the children have got stuck into our new topics and have been working really hard. As part of science, the children have begun learning about how fossils are formed and to show this, they had a go at making fossil sandwiches!


Another highlight was a trip to the circus! The children got to experience the wonderful sights, sounds and even smells of life at the circus.  They have used their memories to help with the current English writing.