Otterbourne Church of England
Primary School

With God's love, all are encouraged to thrive



What an incredible afternoon we've had! The sun has shone and the children have thrived in all their activities.  

It has been so rewarding to witness so many incredible personal accomplishments and see the pride in their faces.  


We're just off to dinner then we have an evening of sports and games. 


Quotes from the children so far: 

 "It's so much fun; I never want to leave!" 

"This is the most adventurous place I have ever been to!" 

"The food is healthy and filling!"

"There are lots of bugs!" 

"The activity leaders are so kind and encouraging". 

"This place is awesome for facing your fears". 


"I want to stay here for the rest of my life!" 

"10 out of 10 from me!" 





After a fun-filled morning of climbing, orienteering and blindfolded team challenges, the children are eating their lunch in the sunshine. 

It’s been a super day so far, and so many of the children have overcome their fears and challenged themselves to try new things. The shouts of encouragement and support have been truly wonderful to hear.


We have some more activities this afternoon, so stay tuned for more photo updates! 


Wow! Your children absolutely amazed us last night.  They were so supportive of one another and all slept really well for a first night so we're feeling remarkably refreshed this morning.  


Breakfast of bacon baps, cereal and toast has already been enjoyed and the weather is looking great for a day of climbing fun!