Otterbourne Church of England
Primary School

With God's love, all are encouraged to thrive



We're just about to finish our last activity and enjoy a final picnic lunch before departure.  


We just want to finishing by saying what a joy it has been to take your children away this week: they have been positive,  enthusiastic and polite throughout the week.  New bonds, levels of confidence and resilience have been created and it has been extremely rewarding to see the children grow in so many ways.  


It's back to normal lessons next week,  but we look forward to seeing the children transferring these skills into the classroom and beyond.  


Mrs Holland, Mrs Simpson, Mr O'Dowd and Mrs Armstrong 





After a delicious cooked breakfast, we're all packed and are now enjoying our morning activities in the sunshine. The children did a great job packing up and everything has just about managed to fit inside the cases with only a few rogue socks left behind! 


This morning is aerial runway and initiative or low ropes.  😀