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14th January

14th January 2022


This week was the second week back at school! We were all so excited for another week at school.


This week was the first week had swimming lessons at the new Winchester leisure centre. It was very exciting and the swim teachers were very impressed with our listening skills. 


This week in English we have been learning about the Greek myth ‘Theseus and the minotaur ‘we listened to this myth from BBC teach: 

click on this link to listen to the story.  We made notes on the story. 


In topic, we have continued our learning about the Ancient Greeks. We discovered that the Greeks left behind many legacies linked to politics, language, architecture, sport, theatre, ideas and beliefs and knowledge. 


In science, we went to the OWL and did the following:


  • Bird watching
  • Newspaper writing
  • Graph drawing

We loved learning outdoors.


And finally in art we did some observational drawings to develop our sketching skills. 

1) We looked at the outline shapes

2) We looked at the textures and details

3) We shaded areas of light and dark.


We did a walking gallery at the end and were stunned by the work that had been produced.



On the whole this week has been a busy week to remember.


By Isaac and Elodie

Our Observational Drawings