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Published 22nd May


If you have further questions, please email the school office and we will continue to publish responses for the whole school community to see.  Thank you for your questions so far.


Is June 1st an inset day?

Originally, we had planned for Monday 1st June to be an inset day, but we will now be opening the school to children in Year R, Year 1, Year 6 and those within our critical-care cover.


What are the drop-off and collection arrangements?

We have created a one-way system that flows from the main car park, up Winchester Road, through the church and around the school (small) car park.  From the church gate, this will include 2m markers but please follow the social distancing guidelines as much as possible.  We ask that you all follow the one-way system to ensure that we can get children into school safely and as quickly as we are able.  This system is subject to change - should we feel it can be improved.  Children will be handed over at the small grey pedestrian gate.  Year 6 children will use the school driveway to enter school independently.  Vehicular access may be required along the driveway, and therefore we would ask that the space in front of the school gates remains clear.  At the end of the day, all children will be called forward at the appropriate time and will, again, be handed over at the small, grey pedestrian gate.  Year 6 children will also leave via this gate.  From the gate, the one-way system heads into the village car park or down the footpath towards the village hall.  For more details and a copy of the map, please visit


What will children be learning in school?

Children will engage in curriculum-based learning including core and foundation subjects, and some learning will be through a longer-term personal project in some years.  There will also be time for well-being and sports.  In the early days, we would expect to be having different group discussions and circle time.


What should children wear to school

All children returning to school on June 1st, including those attending the critical-care cover, should be in full school uniform.  We recognise that some children will have outgrown their current uniform and understand the difficulty in getting replacements at this time.  For this reason we would ask you to send children in to school in something that is as close to the school uniform as possible...for example: white/green tops, dark trousers/skirts, dark shoes/trainers.  With regards to children wearing face masks/PPE, we have been advised in the Government guidance that because of the nature of the working 'pods' and low contact, this is not required, so we would ask you to defer from children using it if at all possible.


What should our children bring in to school with them?

Children should return to school with a PE kit (which will remain in school so can be in their regular PE bag).  This should include their normal change of clothes/trainers for sports, long trousers for whenever they visit the meadow and a sunhat (ideally all of these items will remain in school until the end of term).    Children should also bring a water bottle, which will come home each day, lunch in fully disposable packaging (unless they are having a school lunch (see menu in 'Useful Information' and any school reading books on a Tuesday.


Should children bring a water bottle in to school?

Yes.  Please ensure that all children have a water bottle (named) as we will not be able to provide school cups.  Children in some year groups will be able to keep their bottle with them on their table.  In Early Years, there will be a designated safe space for bottles to be kept.  Children will be bringing their water bottles home each night for cleaning ahead of the following day. 


Should our children bring sun-cream in with them?

As per normal school rules, we are unable to apply sun-cream for the children and would prefer that they have this applied at home, to reduce the number of items being brought in to school.


Should children bring their book bag each day?

As these are fabric, we would ask that children don't come in to school with book bags each day.  We are planning a timetabled, school-wide library day for Tuesdays.  We will provide children with a week's work of reading books on Tuesdays (which will include books from the classroom and the library) and would ask that these be returned on the following Tuesday.  Book bags can be brought to school for this reason and just for this reason please.  For your information, all books that are returned to the school will be stored away from children for 5 days before being returned to classrooms or the library.  On June 1st, you can bring school reading books with you when dropping children at school.  There will be a 'bin' for these to place in to along the new one-way walking route - these books will be stored and put into the library ready for the following week.


Will KS1 children still get their morning snack provided by school?

Yes.  This will continue for KS1 children (and will be extended to all year 6 children during this time).  However, please provide an additional healthy snack for your children if you wish.  Please note that the school 'tuck shop' will not be open during the phased re-opening period. 


Why is the arrangement for pick-up different to drop-off (re: staggered times)?

Because we have sibling groups to consider, it is felt that staggering would not work in the afternoons.  Please be assured that we will be monitoring this approach and if it is felt that a more effective method is required, we will make further changes. More information (including drop-off and pick-up details) is available at