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Basics Bank Christmas Appeal

Better than Basics’ support for Winchester Basics Bank

This year we are keen to once again support Winchester Basics Bank at Christmas time. It must be very difficult to be surrounded by shops full of Christmas treats and to be in a situation that makes it almost impossible to provide the basics for your family, let alone some luxury items.


Winchester Basics Bank helps many families in our area and further afield to provide for their families when they are experiencing such challenging times. Last year,  we were able to make a difference to these families by providing a few luxury items too. If you would like to help, you may want to keep a look out for opportunities to buy one and get one free, with the ‘free’ item perhaps being donated to the Basics Bank.


Suggested donations include:
Chocolates, tubs of sweets, selection boxes, chocolate tree decorations, boxes of mince pies, Christmas puddings, Christmas cakes, chocolate logs, tubs of savoury snacks (Twiglets, Cheese Footballs, Cheeselets etc), boxes of Christmas biscuits, UHT milk and juice, tinned fruit, jams, jelly, custard, Angel Delight and gift packs of toiletries for both Ladies and Gentlemen.


There will be donations boxes both in Otterbourne School and in St Matthew's Church to receive any donations you would like to make. All donations will be taken to the Basic Bank on Monday 19th December so that they can be distributed to families before Christmas.


Thank you as always for your support.