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Year 5 (Koalas)

Welcome to Year 5!

During the children’s first year in Upper Key Stage 2, the pupils in Year 5 begin to take on greater levels of responsibility within the school. They are, for example, offered the opportunity to become school librarians. They are encouraged to become more independent in their learning, taking on responsibility for their personal organisation and study.


The Year 5 teaching team is:


  • Koala Class Teacher - Miss Hutchings
  • Kangaroo Class Teacher - Mrs Holland 
  • Science Teacher - Mrs Simmons
  • Learning Support Assistants - Mrs Hinton, Mrs Beer, Mrs Palmer and Mrs Armstrong


The children will be split into their base classes (Koalas / Kangaroos) in the morning for Maths and English. They will then come together every afternoon, where they will be based together in Koala Class. 



In Year 5, pupils will have two pieces of ‘formal’ homework each week. In order to prepare them for Year 6 and life beyond primary school, children are encouraged to spend 30 minutes on each piece of homework. Homework will be set on a Friday, and should be handed in on the following Wednesday. These pieces of homework are:


  • English/ Topic - Handed out at the start of each half term with activities to be completed weekly, and handed in each Wednesday.
  • Maths - Handed out on a Friday to be brought back to school on the Wednesday.

As well as this, regular reading and learning of times tables is encouraged. Children should aim to read 4 times a week, and should record this independently in their reading diary. 

We will look towards using the online platform of Google Classroom to set homework, as well as other online learning activities. 



Although there may be occasional changes due to unforeseen circumstances, in general, P.E. will take place on a Friday. 


Library Time

Our allocated library time in Year 5 is on Friday morning. Please encourage daily reading at home.

11/09/20 - A very exciting first week!

It has been so so lovely to have the children back in school, and it has been wonderful to see so many smiling faces ready and raring to go for a fantastic year in Year 5!

This week has very much been spent getting back into the rhythm of being in school, with a focus on wellbeing and transition. Throughout the week the children have created some beautiful pieces of 'self-representing' art to display in the classrooms, participated in some wonderful discussions around 'The Colour Monster', and have successfully worked together to save our new friend Fred!

Below will be some photos from across the week. I hope you enjoy having a look at what we have been up to at the start of what promises to be a very exciting year!

Miss H x 

Welcome to Year 5! (2019/20)

Our Class Vision Statement
We would like our classroom to be a place where everyone is happy. A place where we show determination in all that we do, and when we are unsure, a place where we are encouraged and show encouragement to have a positive mind set. A place where we are respectful by showing kindness and care to one another, and to our classroom environment. A place where we listen, and are listened to. A place where we have fun and enjoy learning!

During the children’s first year in Upper Key Stage 2, the pupils in Koala Class begin to take on greater levels of responsibility within the school. They are, for example, offered the opportunity to become school librarians. They are encouraged to become more independent in their learning, taking on responsibility for their personal organisation and study.


The Year 5 teaching team is:


  • Miss Hutchings – Class Teacher 
  • Mrs Smith - School Direct Teacher Trainee
  • Mrs Simmons – Science Teacher



As well as regular reading and learning of times tables, pupils are also have two pieces of ‘formal’ homework each week. These are:


  • English/ Topic - Handed out at the start of each half term with activities to be completed weekly, and handed in each Tuesday.
  • Maths - Handed out on a Tuesday to be brought back to school on the Thursday.


In order to prepare them for Year 6 and life beyond primary school, children are encouraged to spend 30 minutes on each piece of homework.



Although there may be occasional changes due to unforeseen circumstances, in general, P.E. will take place on the following days:


  • Outdoor Games (with sports coaches from R&R Games) – Friday afternoon
  • Gymnastics / Dance – Wednesday morning


Library Time

Our allocated library time in Year 5 is on Friday morning. However, the children are also trusted to use the library in their own time. Please encourage them to read daily at home.



Blog of the Week


What a busy week we have had in Koala Class!

This week we have truly immersed ourselves into our 'Young Engineers' projects. This has involved us doing detailed sketches of our products, along with starting to adapt these to become technical drawings that a manufacturer could follow to produce the product. In our English lessons this week, we have written pitches to talk about our products, along with persuasive speeches to consider what techniques we could use to persuade someone to buy our product. 

To finish off the week we got to enjoy a bit of dressing up for Sports Relief! As part of this we got to enjoy this year's edition of 'Otterbourne's Got Talent', as well as our 100 mile challenge.

Enjoy the weekend!

Miss H x


Sports Relief

Today we all came in dress up as a sport, as a sports person, or just in sports kit! Along with this, the school set itself a challenge to see whether we could collectively walk a total of 100 miles around the playground. Here are some pictures of Koala Class in action!

Blog of the Week


This week we wrote letters to Mr Baker who is the head teacher of Sesame School in Uganda, to tell him all about what we have been up to since Christmas. In Maths we looked at adding fractions this week, and for our longitudinal study we went down to the pond on a very rainy day!

This week we also had an event called World Book Day where we dressed up like our favourite book character. On this day we had two authors called Francesca Tyer and Richard Hardie come in, and we got to write a story with them. It was awesome and fun!

By Eddie and Connie


World Book Day

What an exciting, jam-packed, day we have had! Before I go on to talk about our day, I must start with how fantastic the children looked in their costumes- it was very clear that a lot of thought and effort had been put in, and they looked absolutely brilliant!

Today we have been lucky enough to participate in a range of different book related activities. To begin with, we enjoyed a workshop alongside year 6 with two authors called Richard Hardie and Francesca Tyer. During this workshop, we learnt from the authors about how to write stories, and we worked together to create our very own characters and plot for a story. 

During the rest of the day we enjoyed a range of different activities including designing a National Book Token, investigating a 'crime scene' in our school library, writing our own 50 word stories, and designing our very own front cover for our favourite book. 

Enjoy a few photos of our day! 

Blog of the Week


This week was Spring into Fitness week where we have done lots of different fun activities relating to sports. 

We had lots of different people come into school from their jobs to tell us about how to stay healthy. We had a visit from Doctor Davis who spoke to us about our hearts, Doctor Wootton who tested whether our height changes our strength, Jack and Helen who spoke to us about eating healthily and self-esteem.

In English we wrote a diary across the week to record all of the things we have done such as yoga and circuit training.

By Sophia and Millie


Spring into Fitness Week!

The children have had a very exciting first week back at school where they have participated in a range of activities all about promoting physical and mental well-being. 

Enjoy some photos of what we have been up to!

A little task for the half-term holiday...

Blog of the Week


This week we have been doing lots of fun and interesting stuff like History, Maths, Science and English. In History we have been learning about the Ancient Greeks where we have been looking at the word 'plastik' which stands for the most important things that the Greeks did. Miss Hutchings always jokes that she doesn't like the word 'plastik' because it has a k on the end instead of a c! We also made homework projects on our chosen Greek buildings such as temples and theatres that we shared with the class. Finally, in Maths we have been looking at fractions, and we have had the challenge of making our own guides to adding fractions.

By Connie and Paris


Sharing our homework projects

The children spent time today sharing their Ancient Greek buildings projects with the class. Many children were brave enough to come to the front of the class and share some information about their chosen building along with how they made it. The children then enjoyed doing a walking gallery where they could have a closer look at the finer details of the different projects as well as using the opportunity to ask questions.

Greek Dancing!

Over the past few weeks, Koala class have worked very hard to produce their very own sequence of 'Greek dances'.

The dances include a whole class sequence to depict Spartan warriors, group Spartan warrior sequences, a whole class sequence to depict the story of the wooden horse of Troy, and a whole class sequence to tell the story of Theseus and the Minotaur.

We hope you enjoy the end product of our hard work!


Still image for this video


Blog of the Week


This week we have done lots of Maths, English and Science. When we did Maths, we were learning about improper fractions and mixed number fractions. In English we wrote a character profile about a character from a Greek myth. Finally, in Science we have been doing the garden bird watch. 

Our favourite thing however was Art, where we drew our own figures in the style of Lubaina Himid which was really fun.

By Noah and Elliot


Greek Architects in the making!

In our topic lesson today we learnt all about Ancient Greek architecture. To begin with however, we put our drawing and describing skills to the test by doing a 'reconstruction relay' of images of Greek buildings. In groups, the children had to nominate an artist, and the remaining members of the group had 10 seconds each to look at the image before going to describe it to their artist who had to then follow their instructions to draw the building!

We had some great (and some interesting!) outcomes!

Learning a new myth using 'Pie Corbett'

In our English lesson today we explored the myth 'Icarus and Daedalus'. In order to be able to write a precis of this myth, we needed to know the story really well, so we used the method of 'Pie Corbett' to help us. The children were given a section of the story in groups, and they had to draw images for the words in their section of the myth, which they then created actions to represent. We then together as a class learnt each other's actions in order to be able to retell the myth. 

Blog of the Week


We have had a busy week this week! This week in English we have been doing some descriptive writing about Theseus and the Minotaur, and the moment they met in the maze. Also this week we have done a lot of Maths. In Maths we have been using expanded column multiplication to multiply up to a 4-digit number by a 2-digit number. We have also enjoyed continuing our new History topic all about the Ancient Greeks. 

By Millie and Olivia


Beware of the scary Spartan Warriors!

In PE this week, Koala class have been working on a dance routine where they transform themselves into Spartan warriors. They have been working on using short, sharp and quick movements to show power, and have been trying to reflect their character through some fearsome facial expressions!


In small groups, they then started to create their own sequence of spartan dance moves, working hard to ensure that they move in time to the counts of 4 within the music.

Enjoy some pictures of the warriors in action!

What's the Link?

We began our brand new topic 'Glorious Greeks'this afternoon. During this session, the children had the opportunity to begin exploring aspects of Greek legacy. They did this by exploring various images, and asking themselves the question 'what's the link?' to Ancient Greek life. The knowledge that children already had of Ancient Greece really shone through during this task, and the different ideas that the children had of potential links and clues for what Greek life was like based on what they could see in the images were brilliant. 

Protest Day!

To conclude our topic, we went out onto the playground to stage a mock protest to stand against proposed plans for a factory being built next to the River Itchen in Otterbourne. The children marched with passion, and would definitely have had their voices heard if they were in a true protest situation!

As the topic draws to a close I must use this opportunity to say how proud I have been of the way that the children have voiced their opinions and concerns with such maturity and clarity. The letters, texts, and speeches that they have written across the half term have been truly incredible!

Blog of the Week


This week we have been making protest banners, and with this we have also been writing protest speeches to stop a factory that could be built in Otterbourne. In Maths we have been learning all about how to find the perimeter and area of a shape. In Science we have been learning about polar bears and their problem with global warming and problems with food. Finally, in outdoor PE this week have been doing invasion games and in this we have been practicing dribbling balls and knocking over cones.

We hope you have enjoyed reading about what we have been up to this week!

By Harrison and Owen


Protest Banners

We spoke in class today about what makes a successful protest, and how when used peacefully and properly, protest banners are a clear and visual way to get a message across to a large number of people. Following on from this discussion, the children created their own slogans to speak out against the factory that is potentially going to be built next to the River Itchen, which they then painted onto cardboard. 

Here are some photos of the Koalas in action!

Creating a class Monet in the style of Pointillism!

In Art today, Koala Class have been applying what we learnt last lesson about the painting style of Pointillism, to create our own class Monet masterpiece! The children were each given their own section of one of his paintings, which they had the challenge of recreating on their own piece of paper.

Once they are all completed, the pieces are going to be stuck together to see what his painting looks like in the style of Pointillism!

Computing with Mr Bagge

Year 5 were lucky this week to have a whole day of computing with Mr Bagge. The children learnt a lot throughout the day, and they thoroughly enjoyed putting their problem solving skills to the test in order to modify code on Scratch, and find and fix any bugs that occurred! By the end of the day, the children had read and answered questions around different codes, and had modified code to create different shapes, and had created code that moved different toys around a toy shop.

Blog of the Week


This week in Science we have been making presentations about fossils and what evidence they give us about the world. This week we have also done some coding in computing and have we learnt how to read and modify code on Scratch 2. As well as that we have done lots of Maths. In Maths this we have looked at prime numbers, square numbers and cube numbers, and alongside those we have been multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000. 

Thank you for reading our blog!

by Max and Megan


Blog of the Week


We have had a jam-packed week in Koala class with lots of different activities going on. We started the week by going pond dipping with Mrs Smith to kick off our research for our longitudinal study where we are investigating the question 'Does the temperature of the water affect the number of species found in our pond?'. The children found lots of different minibeasts in their sample trays which hopefully you have seen the pictures of further down on our class page!

In Maths this week, we started our unit of work exploring multiplication and division. We started the unit by looking at what is meant by a multiple and a factor, and challenged our learning to find common factors of different sets of numbers. 

We also continued our exploration of rivers this week, where we considered how rivers are used by humans, and how this might positively or negatively impact the river itself. The children had lots of great ideas around this, and really considered both the positive and negative sides in a very balanced yet inquisitive way. 

We look forward to what promises to be another exciting week next week!

Have a good weekend!

Miss H x


Your Time to Shine Day!

The classroom was looking exceptionally bright and colourful today as the children came in wearing their brightest colours to raise awareness of the importance of wearing bright colours in order to be seen when walking near roads. The children worked hard this morning creating their own parking banners to go outside the front of the school to remind people not to park on the yellow lines. 

Pointillism Inspired Art

In our art lesson today, we learnt all about an art style called 'Pointillism'. Pointillism is a technique of painting in which small dots of colour are applied in patterns to form an image. It takes advantage of the way our eyes work with our brains in order to blend the individual dots together to create the intended image. The children enjoyed experimenting in this style, and had a go at recreating a painting of an apple using the style of pointillism. 

Here are just two examples of the fabulous art produced today, created by Megan and Imogen.

Pond Dipping

The children enjoyed going down to the pond today as part of their longitudinal study investigation. For their study this year, the children are exploring whether the temperature of the water effects the number, and the type of species that live in the pond across the year. The children enjoyed getting stuck in and exploring the pond life they found through their dips, and are looking forward to investigating this further and seeing the changes that occur. 

Blog of the Week


This week in Maths we've been looking at statistics. In statistics we have learnt all about line graphs.

On Monday, it was Remembrance Day so in the morning we had a service where classes from across the school wrote a poem or diary entry and shared it with the school. 

Today it has been Children in Need day so we have all dressed up in rainbow colours. Some people even coloured their hair or had their face painted!

We have had an awesome week and I hope we enjoy next week just as much!

by Priya


Year 5's Remembrance Poem

Year 5 have written their own remembrance poems during English this week. We then chose lines that we liked from the different poems around the class and edited them together to create a class poem to read during our remembrance service at the church. 

Outdoor Classroom Day

During outdoor classroom day, Koala class enjoyed going outside with Mrs Smith to create logos for their longitudinal study groups using natural materials!

Brilliant Badminton!

The children enjoyed their final badminton session today. During this session they had the opportunity to fill their 'badminton passport' with stickers by showing off all of the skills they've learnt over the last 6 weeks. The children were sad to be finishing their badminton sessions, but they ended on a high with lots of enthusiasm and enjoyment of the fun games they played!

Badges and certificates will be coming their way in coming days!

Our Trip to the Water Meadows in Winchester

We had a very enjoyable and exciting day yesterday on our trip to the Water Meadows in Winchester. 
We started the day by catching the Bluestar Number 1 bus into Winchester. For some children, this was their very first time catching a public bus, and although there were some nerves, the children behaved wonderfully and enjoyed their new experience.
Throughout the day the children participated in 4 different activities: river dipping, exploring the formation of the water meadows and debating the man-made and natural features of it, descriptive writing of the meadow setting, and a tour of St Cross Hospital delivered by one of the Brothers of the hospital. 
The children had a brilliant day, and were very engaged by all aspects of the trip (especially the chips at lunchtime!!).
Enjoy some of our photos from the day below!

Blog of the Week


This week we have made a 'missing' poster about the girl from the book Journey after she disappeared through a red door that she drew on her wall. We have also been to Lyme Regis and have collected lots and lots of fossils that we will examine soon in our Science lessons. 

Our class have enjoyed our collaging in Art inspired by Monet and Stella Dunkley. Our favourite part of the week was definitely our trip to Lyme Regis. 

Thank you for reading our weekly blog!

By Hanna, Georgie, and Phoebe


Fossil Hunting at Lyme Regis!

The children have had a fantastic day today putting their paleontology skills to the test looking for fossils on the beach at Lyme Regis. We started off the day learning about different types of fossils and how they were formed with our guide for the day Chris. The children then got to put all of this into action down on the beach finding some fossils of their very own!

The children were all amazingly enthusiastic for the whole day, and their searching skills were very impressive! I hope you enjoy looking at some photos of our day and of some of our finds!