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Year 5 (Kangaroos)

Welcome to Kangaroo Class!


During the children’s first year in Upper Key Stage 2, the pupils in Year 5 begin to take on greater levels of responsibility within the school. They are, for example, offered the opportunity to become school librarians. They are encouraged to become more independent in their learning, taking on responsibility for their personal organisation and study.


The Year 5 teaching team is:


  • Kangaroo Class Teacher - Mrs Cook
  • Koala Class Teacher - Miss Hutchings
  • Science Teacher - Mrs Compton
  • Learning Support Assistant - Mrs Johnson



In Year 5, pupils will have two pieces of ‘formal’ homework each week. In order to prepare them for Year 6 and life beyond primary school, children are encouraged to spend 30 minutes on each piece of homework. Homework will be set on a Wednesday, and should be handed in on the following Monday. These pieces of homework are:


  • English/ Topic - Handed out at the start of each half term with activities to be completed weekly, and handed in each Monday.
  • Maths - Handed out on a Wednesday to be brought back to school on the Monday.


There will also be a list of spelling words handed out every other week for children to focus on and learn in preparation for a test in school. 

We will look towards using the online platform of Google Classroom to set homework, as well as other online learning activities. 


Regular weekly reading is encouraged. Children should read 5 times a week, and should record this independently in their reading diary. If 5 reads are not recorded in their diary, they will spend time reading with a teacher in school. 


Although there may be occasional changes due to unforeseen circumstances, in general, indoor P.E. will take place on a Thursday afternoon, and outdoor P.E. will take place on a Friday afternoon. Please ensure that your child has appropriate kit in school with them on these days. 


Library Time

Our allocated library time in Year 5 is on Tuesday afternoon. 

Happy Half-Term Everyone!


Kangaroos have had a great week - exploring expanded noun phrases, subordinate clauses and conjunctions to produce some quality descriptive writing based around our class book The Journey.  Maths was rather messy - see pics!  The children really enjoyed this and it was a great opportunity to confirm strengths within their learning.


Have a relaxing and enjoyable half-term!


I look forward to seeing the Kangaroos bouncing back in to school in a week or so!


Best wishes,

Mrs Cook xx 

Friday Blog!


Happy Friday everyone!  As half-term nears, we've once again enjoyed the beautiful countryside and nature that is upon our doorstep.  Starting off with a hearty walk to the River Itchen, the children rotated around three activities: measuring the depth of the river (with the help of a wild swimmer!), sketching and asking members of the public questions about their reasons to visit.  In PSHE, we have learnt about what it takes and means to overcome challenges. The children's collaboration and speaking/listening skills are progressing really well  - expressing and agreeing/disagreeing (politely and with respect) with each others opinions.  Enjoy the pictures and I look forward to seeing you next week, at Parents Evening.


Have a lovely weekend.


Mrs Cook x 


Our Visit to the Itchen at Otterbourne - Monday 11th October 2021

Water Meadow Photos - Wednesday 6th October 2021

Friday, 8th October 2021


Wow! What a busy week!  We had an excellent visit to the Water Meadows (photo's to follow).  The weather couldn't have been more perfect - it was a stunning.  The children rotated around four different activities - all of which they thoroughly enjoyed (as did the staff!).  I think the all-round favourite was the St Cross Hospital tour - so very informative and beautiful.  The children were thoroughly engaged at all times and having chips for lunch was the icing on the cake to a superb day!  A big thank you to the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust, and the Brothers and volunteer guides from the St Cross Hospital. 


One of our activities was to describe the are a few snippets: 


Amongst the grass, the trees spindly fingers grasp the air with St Catherine's Hill towering behind it.  The clock tower looms over the serrated flint wall.  Rayyan Piper and Henry Baker


The snow-white butterfly flies past the ancient trees. The luscious green grass sways gently in the warm Autumn breeze.  The vibrant purple flower sprouts against the tall, green grass blades, as the old gnarly tree stand on the far left of the meadow.  Ellie L-B & Molly H 


As I walk around the grassy-green habitat, I can the warm Autumn breeze on my face.  I hear the clock chiming in the whistle of the wind.  As the leaves sway on the old, gnarly tree, the magnificent St. Catherine's Hill stands proud in the sun.  I can taste the bitter sweetness of the air on my tongue.  As I end my piece of writing, I look up to the sun...  Arthur T and Henry S 

Friday, 1st October 2021


What a great week we've had!  Today saw our first visit to the church for our Harvest Festival - it was really lovely to be there.  The Kangaroos and Koalas wrote some wonderful descriptive pieces of writing based on a Harvest video.  Here is a selection of their writing:


Deep red leaves gaze into the drifting sky, whilst beautiful birds feed on the ripe, juicy berries.  Hay bales glisten in the Autumn sun and the green grass turns into golden wheat. Long grass sways in the warm Autumn breeze and machines go along cutting the crops into neat lines.  


Henry Baker


The golden corn sways gracefully in the soft, Autumn breeze.  As the lime-green apples fall triumphantly onto the emerald grass, they wait to be collected.  Night sweeps over the sky, while the Harvest moons glows bright.


Emily Lewis


As the sun shines bright,

the food turns ripe.

In the evening mist,

the leaves scatter down without making a sound.

That's why we thank you, Dear God.


Henry Softly






Friday, 24th September


We have really enjoyed settling back in school life, getting used to routines again and finally, starting our curriculum learning! Our focus this week has been collaborative learning and I must say all Kangaroos have embraced this new skill with some excellent outcomes – for reading, writing and teamwork.  In Maths, we started exploring the place value of digits within numbers up to the value of 1,000,000. We kicked off our 'Rolling Rivers' topic by visiting the woods, and using our collaborative skills, worked together in small groups to build our own mini rivers using a range of natural materials. Our English lessons have been based on the book 'Journey' - generating word banks full of exciting descriptive language and collaboratively and independently, composing different sentence structures around the images from this book. Today, we brought the school week to end with a whole school write based around the discovery of a time capsule on our school grounds.  The children took this challenge on with a great positivity, from which there were some super continuations of the story.  Well done, Kangaroos!

Have a super weekend!
Mrs Cook x 


Rolling Rivers - creating their own at the woods!