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Year 3/4 (Iguanas)

In Iguana class, we believe that if you work as a team, always try your very best and are kind to others, wonderful things will happen.

We would like our classroom to be filled with love, laughter, happiness, fun and respect. We understand our rights and responsibilities and will look after ourselves, each other and our school.

In this classroom, we believe that we can achieve ANYTHING and will reach the stars!

The Year 3/4 teaching team is:

Miss Taylor - Class teacher (Iguanas)

Mrs Simpson - Class Teacher (Chameleons)

Mr O'Dowd - Class Teacher (Geckos)

Mrs Simmons/Mrs Cook/Nicky Compton - PPA cover

Mr Bagge - ICT

Mrs Slominski (LSA support - AM), Mrs Tiller (1:1), Mrs Hinton (1:1), Mrs Armstrong (LSA Support - PM)


Homework Rota: 

Maths/English and Spellings are handed out on a Thursday for completion and return on the following Tuesday. The children may choose from a variety of homework tasks from the sheets provided at the start of the term. 


For Year 4 maths, there is an optional extension sheet found below.


Library Time : Thursday afternoon (although children are also trusted to use the library in their own time).


P.E.: Games time is Thursday afternoon (with R & R) and indoor PE is on a Monday afternoon. The children in Year 4 will also receive swimming lessons later in the year. Please ensure that all PE kits are in school at all times as the timetable may change. 


The class teachers are on duty from 8.45am on the meadow playground, where you are more than welcome to discuss any issues. However, if there is any aspect of your child's school experience that you would like to discuss in private, please call the school office to arrange a meeting. 

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What a Wonderful World!


Today the children continued their topic world, in which they were thinking about the changes which are happening to our planet.  I was super impressed with the children's knowledge and understanding of global warming and climate change.  We had a lot of discussion around what can be done to help.  The children then went outside onto the playground and created real life 'posters' to share their ideas about what can be done... simple changes such as reducing the heating by one degree, turning the lights off and using resuable cups, straws and shoppping bags.  They had lots of fun and well and truly got stuck into their chalky creative streaks!   

Year 3 and 4 were lucky enough to have another visit from SON this week.  They have been hard working on performing their song which they wrote before Christmas.  Cleverly, with the help of the professionals, the lyrics have been added to music and it's sounding amazing!  All the used electrical items were gratefully received and the children will begin using these as part of their performance in the coming weeks.  


Saturday 7th March 2020 is the provisional date for the main SON project performance. Mrs Simpson has sent an email with a bit more information and we'll let you know of further details as we have them!


Also in class this week, the children had some deep and philosophical thinking when they were asked what they would or should do if they found a ring that would make you invisible for the day!  We had some very in depth conversations and a lot of pondering! What would you do?


Synagogue Visit


This morning, all of Year 3 and 4 went on a visit to the Synagogue in Southampton.  The children were so respectful and listened beautifully. It was a very informative visit and left with a greater understanding of why the synagogue is a special place to the Jewish community.



Welcome Back!


I hope you all had a wonderful, memory-filled Christmas break.  It is hard to believe how quickly it's flown by! We have got straight back into our work this new term, new year, new decade....! This term we are continuing out 'What a Wonderful World' topic, thinking about habitats and how these habitats are being changed.  


This week the children begun their new science topic which closely links to our 'What a Wonderful World' topic. They were tasked with creating and exploring food chains.  Have a look at the pictures below!

Monday was a music filled day for Iguanas with another visit from SON.  Year 3 then had their Listen 2 Me concert in the afternoon.  They have worked super hard learning different African drums and percussion instruments and should be so proud of themselves with their efforts!


In science, the children have also been looking at teeth and animal skulls.  Looking for clues to find out which animal the skull could belong to and what type of diet they would have.  


We're nearly there...Christmas is just around the corner!  The children continue to work hard and try their very best and I'm sure the last week of term will be just as successful!

Another busy but successful week for Iguanas! On Monday, Year 3 and 4 were lucky enough to have another visit from SON (Southampton's professional orchestra) where children became song writers for the day! After discussing what happens to used, old and broken electrical products, they began writing some raps and they even did a bit of beat boxing about the topic! Boots and cats... Boots and cats...




Beat Boxing by SON

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Tuesday 26th November  - First visit from SON

SON performance

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SON creation #1

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21st November 2019


Our new topic is well underway and today, Year 3 and 4 were very lucky to have visit from Eco Lifestyle, where the children learned about recycling, reusing and reducing plastic.  They worked in teams to sort different items of rubbish which is normally recycled and then thought about how it can be reused instead.  There were lots of interesting and creative suggestions...don't be surprised if your egg boxes get a new look!  The children then also got to explore a beeswax alternative to clingfilm!  As a souvenir of today's visit, every child will bring home a metal straw which can be used instead of a plastic one.  

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14th November

This week, Iguanas have been working hard on writing a news report for their findings from the litter pick the other day.  We have seen some fantastic team work and lots of determination!  Everyone is excited to begin filming their reports using green screens!


The children have also started to learn about the digestive system in science this week.  They had lots of fun working out where they organs go!

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Outdoor Learning Day!


As part of our Outdoor Learning Day, we set up an experiment to find out about plastic waste and how it decomposes in comparison to natural waste.  The children put some of the litter that was picked up on Monday and put it into tanks, along with leaves, moss and other natural materials.  The other tank had some natural food waste (apple cores etc). We will be observing the tanks over the next six weeks

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4th November


Year 3 and 4 went on a litter pick today as part of our new topic, 'What a Wonderful World'.  The children were surprised by the amount of litter found around the village and it has got us all thinking about how we can reduce the amount of plastic we use and waste.



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We have had a busy, fun filled last week of this half term! On Tuesday, we have had a Viking themed day, where the children had a go at making dragon eye artwork, finished their longboats, wrote Viking stories and even made their own runes.  The children also got to make some flapjack and whilst it may not have the consistency we're use to today, I'm sure the children will agree that it tasted good!


Then on Thursday, the children had a day focusing on the story of Noah.  Our RE day allowed children to learn about Noah's ark, why his story is still important to Christians today and the responsibilities God gives people on earth.  We had some lovely and very thoughtful discussions and some wonderful illustrations of Noah's ark.


It has been a very busy first half term but the children have all settled into their new routines and made a great start to Year 3 or 4.  We have lots of exciting things planned over the coming half term so keep your eyes peeled for updates and photographs!


Have a wonderful half term.  Recharge, have fun and make lots of memories!!


See you all on Monday 4th. Remember your coats as we'll be heading out for our litter pick!


Miss Taylor x

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Picture 3

Building longships...out of clay!

Come rain or shine, Iguana's are developing their hockey skills!

Come rain or shine, Iguana's are developing their hockey skills! 1
Come rain or shine, Iguana's are developing their hockey skills! 2

Fun with Times Tables!

Hot Seating the King!

Year 4 Autumn 1 Maths Homework - Extra challenge!