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Year 1/2 (Tigers)

We would like to wish you a very warm welcome to the Tigers Class 2019-2020. We are a mixed Year 1/2 Class with 3 adults. Miss Reid is the class teacher, Mrs Kurn is the teaching assistant and Mrs Sprack works in the class as a 1:1. When Miss Reid is out of class she is covered by Mrs Compton (PE specialist) and Mrs Simmonds (Science Specialist). We are all very happy to be working with your children, please come and say Hello when you can.WELCOME TO THE TIGERS!

Fractions. The pizzas were very helpful in showing children equivalent fractions. They were all desperate to make their own pizzas at home - sorry!

As part of our sport relief day we practised our life drawing skills with children modelling sporting positions!

Road Safety Week - We talked about 'Stop, Look, Listen, Think' today. The children were introduced to the word 'hazard' and used it well. We role played inside and looked at where we should aim to cross a road and what each crossing was called. We encouraged the children to really pay attention to the roads they travel along to gain a sense of the importance of crossing roads in sensible places using 'Stop, Look, Listen and Think'.

World Book Day. We have had a great day and really pulled out all the stops to come in amazing costumes. Our day has focused on books about dragons and we have read some beautiful books. As well as this we have produced some super dragon artwork - watch this space...!

The children made either a Queen Elizabeth, King Henry VIII or a jester mask from the Tudor period. Today the jester had to entertain the King and Queen. We had a lot of fun!

Castle Project - During Spring into Fitness Week we planned and made our castles and used lots of DT skills to create them. We had a lot of fun!

Tigers have been Springing into to Fitness this week with Dr Wootton who ran an exercise work shop for us. Children tested their strength with a grip tester and measured their height. We wondered if taller children had stronger grips. In class we have been thinking about mindfulness, and have practiced calming breathing techniques, mindfulness colouring and yoga activities. We have also had fun completing our daily mile. Well done Tigers. Mrs Simmons was impressed!

History. We have continued to look at Queen Elizabeth II, Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth I. This week we looked at photos of royal memorabilia and artefacts and related them to the period of history relevant to each Queen.

We are working on division in maths. Today we shared 21 between 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 friends and looked at "remainders!"

Finding out all about timelines and plotting significant individuals: Elizabeth I, Queen Victoria and Elizabeth II.

Re-enacting the Coronation of our Queen, Elizabeth 11. We also have a video (which can't go on the website) so please pop in and ask to see it!

Star Party - Today the children have had their STAR PARTY which they earnt for hard work and for showing respect, determination and trust within the TIGER classroom! They brought in their jammies and a teddy and watched the Stick Man and had snacks of cream crackers and grapes!

Multiplication of BIG numbers!

Symmetry - This week we have been enjoying our maths, using mirrors to look for lines of symmetry (Year 2) and colouring symmetrical patterns and butterflies (Year 1.) We have also been working really well together in Year 1/2 Pairs:

PSHE - Lesson 1

P4C - Philosophy for Children! This week we established our ground rules and then started on our first big question. This was linked to our topic on the Titanic. The children were brilliant and so thoughtful with their responses. We can't wait for our next session!

Boats with Moving parts. We have made boats with 3 or 4 moving parts using a flap, a pivot, a slider and a spring.

Class Collective Worship - We hold our crosses when we are thinking about God and saying our prayers.

How did they stop the Titanic Disaster from happening again? Today, we acted out the story of the Titanic but added in all the safety devices that are now found on ships that save lifes. We went to our muster stations, put on lifejackets and climbed into lifeboats. A final end to our topic!

We needed a hat to wear for our Christmas Lunch - so we started to tackle "Repeating Patterns" in maths!

Our Amazing Titanic Trip - What a great ending to our history topic!

Wow look at our Kenning Poems - with a Christmas theme!

Be Bright Be Seen Day - we made posters to help us keep safe on the roads

As part of our Science lesson and with the help of The Woodland Trust, Tigers have been able to plant lots of sapling trees this afternoon. They have made a little hedge around the pollinator patch they helped grow last summer. Everyone was brilliant at digging and planting their sapling with care. Well done all tree planters! Mrs Simmons was really impressed with you all!

Bingo - We played BINGO today to help us with number recognition - who knew the Tigers would love it so much!?

Help with spelling - why not try rainbow writing? Ask a grown up to model the correct cursive writing for your spellings first. Then add your rainbow colours. Need help? Just ask! Thank you, Miss Reid x

In Maths we are using numberlines to add two numbers together. Here are some examples of how to do this to help you at home:

Peter Rabbit Party - we had a wonderful time tasting parsley, lettuce, radishes, french beans and current buns. This was all washed down with some lovely chamomile tea!

As part of the end of our Peter Rabbit topic we made Apple Crumble - some children also added Blackberries, just like Peter Rabbit's Mummy!

15.10.19 Today in maths we have been counting in 2's, 5's and 10's. The year 2's have been thinking about much larger numbers and considering whether those numbers would be reached if we were for example counting in 10's. For example: Would we get to 223 if we counted in tens? No - because if we count in tens from 0 all the numbers end in 0!

Every week we have a collective worship in our class. The children have a cross to hold which they made. They also hold a special stone which helps them feel calm and focussed. This week our big question was: What would you do with the power of invisibility? The children had some lovely ideas about how they could do nice things for other people which would be a lovely surprise for them!

14.10.19 Today some of the Year 2's used a thesaurus to find better words to describe how Mr McGregor was feeling!

RE Day Creation Concept: Thankfulness Linked to Harvest. Here are a few pictures of our RE day on Friday.

3rd October 2019 Tigers have spent several weeks learning to identify the trees in our school grounds using Identification Charts from the Woodland Trust. We have thought about the shape of trees and their leaves. Everyone has enjoyed spotting signs of Autumn!

Building a home for our Peter Rabbit puppets

We are starting to count very accurately!

Planting radish and parsley seeds for our Peter Rabbit Garden!

Peter Rabbit - Telling the story through drama using freeze frame techniques!

Marvelous Maths - we have been counting everything and everywhere!

Outdoor Day - Geography outside!

September 2019 - Peter Rabbit Launch! We had a great time listening to Peter Rabbit on a record and making our burrows!

Our Island Adventure

Bhangra Dancing

Manor Farm 2019

World Book Day 2019

Great Fire of London Day

Marwell 2018-2019

Welcome to Tigers Class 2018-2019 - Year 1 and 2 - Our Class Charter

General Information for Year 1/2