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Stubbington Study Centre - FAQ

Stubbington Study Centre Residential - FAQ

If you can't find the answer to your question here, please email the school and we will respond directly.


When is the residential?

Monday March 13th - Friday March 17th


When is the Parent Information Evening?

From 3:40 on Thursday 2nd February in the school hall.


What are the timings?

Children should be at school at the normal time on Monday.  We will depart at 10am.

The coach will arrive back at school at approximately 2:30pm.  School will keep in touch about the ETA on the day.


Can I pick my child up early?

If you are collecting a sibling before the end of the school day, please visit the school office and sign them out.


What should the children be wearing?

The Year 4 children should be in their casual comfortable clothes.


What is the accommodation arrangement?

Children sleep in dorms of up to 6.  We will be talking to the children about friendship groups and will guarantee that every child is with at least one of their friends.  


What forms do I need to complete?

All children will need to have a completed Consent and Medical Form.  If you are buying a momento (T-shirt or fleece) these will need to be ordered using the Stubbington Order Form.  If you child has any medication or specific medical needs, you will need to complete two forms for this too.  These will all be discussed at the information evening and then attached to this FAQ.


Is there an option for children to attend each day rather than sleep over?

With the residential visits, we are encouraging children to embrace challenge, show determination and develop resilience.  Our experience is that the best approach is for children to start with the intention of staying for the week, but if they find it too challenging, we will work with you to ensure they have the best personal experience.  Also, if children can't make it through the week and need to come home, it has a negative impact on other children if those leaving early return to the site. 





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