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Welcome to Reception!


In Penguins and Puffins we look after each other and our school. Everyday we enjoy exploring our environment and have lots of fun learning!


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Reception Teaching Staff


Miss Whitbread - Penguins' Class Teacher

Mrs Reid - Penguins' Teaching Assistant


Mrs Smith - Puffins' Class Teachers

Mrs Pamphlett - Puffins' Teaching Assistant


Mrs Morgan and Mrs Compton - PPA and SENCo cover

Key Worker Penfin Group (Penguins & Puffins) - Spring 1

Penguins - Autumn 1 - Penguins have had a fantastic start to their school journey! Here are some photos of what they have been up to....

Early Reading Meeting Part 1

The Early Reading and Phonics meeting in 4 parts

Early Reading Meeting Part 2

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Early Reading Meeting Part 3

Early Reading Part 4


An Easter Message from all at Otterbourne School. We hope you enjoy it.

Number formation practice sheets

w/b 22.6.2020 Year R have been thinking about different bodies of water this week and have recreated them in bottles in the woods. They have been writing stories and focusing on subtraction in maths,

w/b 19.6.2020 Year R have loved reading the book Bog Baby! They made their own Bog Babies, thought about how they should be looked after and went pond dipping to see if they could see any! They also enjoyed creating spiral artwork and making observational drawings in The OWL, our outside classroom.

w/b 1.6.2020 - Year R have settled back into school very well. They have got used to their new 'bubbles'. This week, our topic has been 'bees'. The children loved looking for bees in the meadow and learning lots of new facts.

w/b 9.3.2010 This week, we loved exploring weight in maths and enjoyed using the balance scales. We learnt about our senses and focused on sight and hearing. One of our favourite things to do was talk to each other through telephones we made! We thought about why our hearing was important for road safety and showed what we had learnt through our play.

w/b 2.3.2020. This week, the children have investigated textures in art, learnt about medicines and how to stay safe, how to safely use PE equipment and thought carefully about being a good friend, like the characters in Rainbow Fish.

World Book Day - 5th March 2020 Today all the children came to school dressed as their favourite characters. They looked amazing and there was a lot of role play going on in the classroom. Throughout the day, we read three different Rainbow Fish stories including: The Rainbow Fish, Rainbow Fish to the Rescue and Rainbow Fish and the Big Blue Whale. We explored the character's feelings and discussed what the Rainbow Fish learnt about being friendly and resolving conflicts. We enjoyed making our own class Rainbow Fish, with lots of colourful scales, and a special shiny scale with advice on how we can be a good friend in the classroom.

28th February 2020 - This week was Spring into Fitness Week and our School Trip to Milestones for the Lego Space Mission. On our school trip we completed two trails discovering all the planets in the solar system. On return to school, we changed our classrooms into Space Museums and have been making models and signs to display in them. As part of Spring Into Fitness, we have had a visit from a dentist teaching us how to keep our teeth healthy. We have also been doing cosmic yoga, the daily mile and exercising with our year 6 buddies.

14th February - For the last two weeks our Epic Explorers topic has taken us into space. We have been reading lots of space stories such as Man on the Moon, Aliens love Underpants and Whatever Next. We have made a class space rocket and vehicles that move. We have also been making up our own space stories. In maths we made rockets using 3D shapes and explored subtraction with aliens and flying saucers disappearing into craters. At the end of the half term, we enjoyed a party in the woods where we had a go at cooking popcorn on the fire and played party games.

31st January - This week we have been thinking about our school value - Trust. We read the story of Little Red Riding Hood and debated whether she should have trusted the wolf. In our Forest School time we wore blindfolds and our partner had to communicate with us to guide us through different challenges in the woods. Our blindfolded partner could only trust us if we kept them safe and warned them about different obstacles. We also had a go at retelling the story of Little Red Riding Hood and some of us attempted writing it.

23rd January 2020 - This week our Explorers topic led us on a huge Bear Hunt. We have been outside recreating the Bear Hunt and we made friends with the Bear who was hiding in his cave. The have thought about making up our own verses and we have used instruments to create some of the sounds of the Bear Hunt. We have also been playing in the Bear Hunt sensory trays and mixing lots of potions. We have also made our own bird feeders in preparation for the Big Bird Watch next week.

17th January - This week, the children brought in their Chatterboxes and talked to each other about where they had explored on holidays and visits. They also explored adjectives to describe exciting places, looked at seasonal changes of trees in our grounds and had a super time investigating floating and sinking in the school pond.

10th January - This week we have launched our topic Epic Explorers. We have been exploring the story 'Father Christmas Goes on Holiday' and where he's been in the world. We used our sound talk to make speech bubbles for Father Christmas. We have also been exploring different types of weather and recording our own weather forecasts. In Forest School we had a letter from Santa telling us his holiday clothes had fallen out of his sleigh. We had to hunt for them in the pouring rain and had a great time splashing in the puddles afterwards. In maths we have been learning about time and sequencing the days of the week. We also had a go at using stop watches to help us time what we could do in one minute.