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Noah's Ark - maths investigation



In class this week we were going to be learning about money. These are some ideas you can complete at home over the next week to support your child (do a little each day and recap learning from the day before if possible).


1) Try and lay out the following coins: 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p. Make labels with these amounts on.

  • Teach your child the coins, put them in order from smallest to largest.
  • Sort them by colour and shape e.g. round/ has corners.
  • Play a game where you turn over a label and match it to the coin.
  • Put the coins in a bag - your child has to describe it to you, can you guess which coin it is? Swap over.

2) If possible create a pile of 10 x 1p coins (if you don't have enough use the print out attached).

  • Show a 2p, 5p, 10p coin. Can children match your amount using 1p coins?
  • Now show a pile of 10 x 2p coins. Can we make 10p using 2p coins? (We do 2 taps for a 2p coin to help us understand its value). Try making other amounts using 2p coins.
  • If your child is confident can they use 5p coins to make 10p, 15p etc counting in 5s? Can they use 10p coins to make 20p, 30p etc counting in tens.

3) Make a shop (base this on your child's interests e.g. dinosaur shop. )

  • Make some price labels between 1 and 20p or if your child is confident include multiples of 10 such as 30p/ 50p
  • Have some 1p and 2p coins (higher value coins if your child is confident). Take it in turns of being the customer and shop keeper (go in role modelling spoken language that would be used e.g. 'Good morning, welcome to the toy shop. What would you like to buy today?' Support your child in helping to count out the correct money or to check your money is correct if you are paying.

4)  Use this game to support their learning and the attached activity sheets.

Please ask if you have any questions or if your child struggles with any of the above.  


Topmarks is a great  website for the children to consolidate their maths skills.

 - a game for the children to recognise numbers and practise counting forwards and backwards in steps.

  - a game for children to sequence and order numbers.

  - a game for children to make patterns.