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Trust, Respect and Determination


At Otterbourne Church of England Primary School, children are taught using an integrated creative curriculum model where each subject is mapped carefully across topics.  We continue to review and develop our curriculum to ensure it both meets the requirement of the 2014 National Curriculum whilst also ensuring the right balance is struck between core knowledge, skills and our Core Christian Values of Trust, Respect and Determination. 


As well as remembering and understanding facts and key concepts, we want our children to apply their understanding by using information in new situations.  Our curriculum also allows children to analyse their learning by drawing conclusions from ideas or results.  We want our children to evaluate what is said or written by taking a stand or decision and to justify this position.  We also want our curriculum to help the children produce new and original work. The school curriculum is underpinned by the development of higher order thinking skills using the Blooms Taxonomy model. 


We have also developed a learning toolbox of 21st Century learning skills that will enable children to thrive and succeed no matter what career the children choose in the future.  Our skills are: Collaboration, Communication, Creative Thinking, Independence, Reflection, Resilience and Respect.


All pupils, including disadvantaged pupils, those who are eligible for additional funding and those with special educational needs, achieve equally well. This is due to excellent support and the exciting curriculum that engages them very well.    Ofsted March 2015


Although the National Curriculum is the main driver for the school’s own integrated curriculum, it is only one element of it.  As well as ensuring that our topics and subjects meet the objectives in the 2014 curriculum, we seek out new and fresh opportunities to embed knowledge and skills, extend understanding and consolidate learning.


The following overviews demonstrate how each of the principles within the National Curriculum are covered within our topic subjects.  The codes associated with each subject area relate to a specific target within the National Curriculum.  At the foot of this page there is a copy of the National Curriculum for each subject, which includes these reference points for your information, and the 2017 Statutory Framework for EYFS.

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