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4th May Creative Worm Activities

  1. Design and make a dangly worm. Can you make a fancy costume for your dangly worm? Maybe you can do a pattern? Cut it out carefully on the lines and hang it up in your house.
  2. Can you colour the Superworm picture?
  3. Can your parent draw and cut out a worm on the back of a cereal packet. Can you weave wool around it to make a pattern?


4.Messy play – mud and worms sensory play activity. Lots of fun if your child likes mess. Perhaps you can set it up in the garden!

5. Create chocolate playdough for lots of fun. 

Ladybird Heard Craft Task

Creative Activities


This bank of activities will be added to over the weeks. We have tried to choose activities that use resources that you may have at home or that could be easily adapted.


A drawing a day activities

This week can you:

  1. Can you draw your lunch?
  2. Can you draw a toy?
  3. Can you make some fingerprint animals?


To make your animals, dip you fingerprint in paint and place firmly onto your paper.

Make a row of prints for the perfect caterpillar and four in a square for a pretty butterfly.

Once your prints are dry, you can use pens and pencils to add details such as eyes, hairs and whiskers

4. Can you draw someone you love?

5. Can you draw a vehicle?



Playdough and slime

There are many different recipes for play dough- the best ones are usually containing cream of tartar which may be tricky to find at the moment. Here are some links to some recipes


Cloud Dough

This is another lovely homemade sensory material. They cost little to make and can provide hours of entertainment. The recipe for cloud dough couldn’t be simpler, as its just flour and oil. Keep in mind that the flour  from the dough can easily spread across a room, which is why we like to play with the silky substance outdoors.

You will need:

8 cups of plain flour

Sensory box ( to  mix and to use to play with it )

1 cup of vegetable oil

A few drops of lavender or other scent (optional)

Mould making tools and scoops such as spoons and bowls


Pour the flour into the centre of the sensory box. Create a crater in the middle of the flour and pour the vegetable oil. Mix everything together with your hands. If you wish, sprinkle in a small amount of essential oil to give it a nice scent.

Play with your cloud dough! Scoop up a handful and squeeze it in your hands. What happens? Crumble this handful and begin again. Build a mountain and poke holes in it with your fingers. Fill a bowl with cloud dough, packing it in tight. Flip the bowl over to release the dough. What happens? After playing with the cloud dough for a bit, you might invite your child to help you find other tools for manipulating the cloud dough.

Store unused cloud dough in a large resealable  plastic bag or airtight plastic container at room temperature. The dough will keep as long as the oil lasts. Give stored cloud dough a sniff to check its freshness.




Toilet roll activities

Animal Zoo


You will need:

Toilet roll tubes

Paint and paintbrushes

Scraps of felt

Googly eyes (optional)

Fine black pen or felt tip pens


PVA glue

  1. Decide which animal you would like to make. Paint your toilet roll in your chosen animal’s colour, such as  a yellow for a lion or grey for an elephant. However, you don’t have to stick to traditional colours- why not go bright and colourful instead?
  2. Once the paint is dry, use a pair of scissors to cut out any details such as ears and feet by snipping away the bits you don’t need.
  3. Decide what extra features your animal needs, such as a mane for a lion, tusks for an elephant or spots for a giraffe, and cut them for scraps of felt. Glue these in place and add google eyes (if using). You can, of course, paint the features on too.
  4. Add any extra details for the face with a pen.



If you don’t fancy making animals, then how about creating people out of your toilet rolls. You can make a family, pirates, princesses- whatever takes your fancy! Here we have superheroes. Before you start, think about how you want your superheroes to look. Superheroes tend to wear bright colours, often with an emblem across their chest. They can wear masks, belts, pants and capes- it’s up to you!

You will need:

Toilet roll or kitchen roll tubes

Skin coloured paint and paintbrush

Scraps of felt and fabric in bright colours

Googly eyes

Fine black pen


PVA glue

  1. Paint the top third of your paper roll in your desired skin colour ( this will become the head of your superhero)
  2. Look at the fabrics and felt pieces you have and decide what kind of superhero you could make. Cut out the basic body suit and glue in place and add your googly eyes.
  3. Cut out capes, masks and emblems in the coloured felt that you want to use. Alternatively you can make a mask by gluing on a piece of ribbon with holes cut out the eyes. Glue in place and add any other details such as belts, buttons or buckles.
  4. Finally, use a pen to give your super-hero a brave and fearless face and to add any other details you wish.

Now put on your best superhero voice and go and rescue some toilet roll animals from disaster!



Monsters are always fun to make. You can make them in any colour and add all sorts of embellishment. As monsters are an odd bunch, you can add what you like : one eye, five eyes, spots or stripes, hair or fur…your choice is limitless!

You will need:

Toilet roll tubes

Paints and paintbrushes

Googly eyes

Scraps of paper , tissue paper, card

Pipe cleaners ( optional)

Pva glue

  1. Paint your monsters the desired base colour
  2. Press down the front and back of your toilet roll to create a little dip and two pointy ears
  3. Glue on the googly eyes, and use your bits and pieces of craft materials to add stripes, spots, hair- whatever takes your fancy. You could also make a small hole on either side and thread a pipe cleaner through to make arms.




Newspaper Easter hats



Who loves to dress up? You may find your outfit isn’t complete without a wonderful hat. And what better than these gorgeous ones made out of newspaper! They are fun to make and even more fun to wear! Perfect for an Easter bonnet- add chicks and eggs or flowers for spring decorations.

You will need:


Paint and paintbrushes

Masking tape

Tissue paper


Tissue and egg chicks ( optional)


Pva glue or glue stick

  1. Paint two sheets of newspaper in your chosen colour. Once dry, place the two sheets on top of each other, unpainted sides together, and cut out a large circle.
  2. Place the circles on top of the wearer’s head, fold down around the head and tape round with masking tape to create a headband- this will give you a perfect fit! Fold up the sides to create the brim of the hat. You may want to practice with some plain newspaper first as a test run. The basic hat is now finished.  Time to decorate!
  3. To make the flowers for your hat , take four sheets of tissue paper cut into ovals, about 6cm  wide. Stick all the petal pieces together with a little pva glue or a glue stick, overlapping the ovals so they look like petals. When they have dried, scrunch the petals up a little and glue on a bead or a ball of contrasting  tissue paper in the centre. Glue the flowers onto your hat.
  4. To make mini eggs, scrunch up pieces of newspaper into small egg shape. Apply the glue to a piece of tissue paper and wrap it around the newspaper. Add a second layer of tissue paper if necessary. Allow to dry and then glue onto the hat.
  5. If making chicks make a dent in the hat and glue on green tissue paper leaves to make a nest. Glue the chicks on to your hat.