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Welcome to, and by, the schools Governing Body.


- Welcome Message
- Current Governors
- Curriculum Responsibilities
- Overall Responsibilities of the Governing Body
- Governing Body Meetings

Welcome Message

On behalf of the Governors, a very warm welcome to our school web site. We hope you will find it easy to use and that it gives you a taste of what we have to offer to you and your children.

The Governors meet twice a term to discuss school strategy and policies. Additionally, many governors enjoy coming into school on a regular basis and involve themselves in the day-to- day life of the school .This includes activities such as helping in classrooms and driving the school minibus. Our aim is to provide a safe and caring environment where children are encouraged and challenged to reach their full potential.
We are proud of our school and feel privileged to support the Head Teacher and staff in delivering a varied and stimulating education for our children.

Governor applications are welcomed from all members of the community. Elections are held when vacancies arise. You can find a list of the current governors and more information on what we do on the Governors’ page of this web site. If you have any suggestions or queries, or would like to enquire about being a Governor at Otterbourne School please leave a message, with your contact details, with the school office.


Sue Bharam - Chair of Governing Body

Sue Barham,

Chair of Governors



Current Governors

Sue Barham                        Co-opted                              Governing Body                             04-Feb-19

Adrian Board                       Co-opted                              Governing Body                             04-Feb-19

Christopher Brooks-Martin  Headteacher                         N/A                                                31-Dec-17

Sally Hartwell                      Local Education Authority     Local Authority/GB                        31-Aug-18

Chris John                          Parent                                   Parents                                         12-Jul-21

Alex Murray-Twinn              Co-opted                               Governing Body                            04-Feb-19

Nick Michael                       Co-opted                              Governing Body                             04-Feb-19

Julian Pearce                     Co-opted                               Governing Body                            20-Sep-21

Vera Oldham                      Foundation                            Diocese                                         31-Jan-18

Katie Peden                       Teaching Staff                        Staff                                              05-Feb-19

Steve Wootton                   Parent                                    Parents                                         14-May-19

Gillian MacDonald              Foundation                            Diocese                                         28-Nov-21


Clerk to the Governors is Mrs Nelianne Devexhiu

The clerk can be contacted on or via the school office


Roles & Responsibilities


Chair of Governors

Sue Barham

Vice Chair of Governors

Adrian Board

Finance & Pay Committee

Nick Michael (Chair), Sue Barham, Steve Wootton, Adrian Board, Chris John

Child Protection

Sue Barham

Staffing matters

Sue Barham, Katie Pedan

School Strategic Plan

Sue Barham (chair), Alex Murray-Twinn, Vera Oldham, Adrian Board, Julian Pearce, Gillian MacDonald


Sue Barham

Looked after Children

Sue Barham

Development and Training Governor

Adrian Board

Mentor for New Governors

Adrian Board, Vera Oldham

Governor Forum

Nick Michael

Special Educational Needs

Alex Murray-Twinn, Julian Pearce

Church Focus Group

Alex Murray-Twinn, Vera Oldham

Headteacher Performance Management Committee

Alex Murray-Twinn, Vera Oldham, Adrian Board, Steve Wootton

Library & Resources

Sally Hartwell

Gifted & Talented focus

Sally Hartwell

School Council

Chris John, Vera Oldham

Governors' Linked Subjects





Chris John

Collective Worship

Vera Oldham

Design & Technology

Chris John


Sue Barham

Latin (Foreign Languages)

Sally Hartwell


Gillian MacDonald


Gillian MacDonald


Adrian Board


Nick Michael


Sally Hartwell


Steve Wootton

Personal, Social & Health Education

Julian Pearce


Vera Oldham


Steve Wootton





Overall Responsibilities of the Governing Body

Governors are appointed to provide:

  • strong links between the school, parents and the community.
  • a wide experience of the outside world
  • an independent view
  • a visible form of accountability for the Headteacher and staff of the school
  • a team focusing on long term development and improvement
  • accountability to the parents and the community for the use of resources and standards of teaching and learning in the school
  • support for the Headteacher and staff

In addition, individual governors will usually be involved in some of the following activities often through groups or committees which report back to the main Governing Body.

  • School Strategic plan
  • Headteacher Performance Management
  • School Profile
  • Staff appointments
  • The financial management of the school
  • Pupil discipline
  • The curriculum
  • The training of governors
  • Community links

Governing bodies are the strategic planners of schools, in order to do this a governing body:

  • has an operational manager (the Headteacher) who is responsible for the day-to-day management of the school
  • agrees policies and practice which allows the Headteacher the necessary tools to carry out his/her responsibilities
  • agrees principles and targets for improvement
  • reviews long-term resourcing needs
  • supports and challenges the Headteacher
  • receives and discusses reports on the resulting practice and conduct of the school
  • reviews its own working practices, including using self-evaluation forms


Governor Meetings

Proposed Dates for Full Governing Body Meetings 2017/18


Autumn Term
Wed 20 Sept 2017 18:30

Tue 28 Nov 2017 18:30

Spring Term
Wed 31 Jan 2018 17:30

Thu 22 Mar 2018 17:30

Summer Term
Tue 22 May 2018 17:30

Tue 17 Jul 2018 17:30